12 Mar 2010

Humiliation Assignments.

I found this site today and thought I would share it with you. It got me very aroused!!
The site - http://www.humiliationpov.com

Some stuff from it!! -

I have a special assignment for you today. I want you to take your hands, slide them up your legs, and SIT ON THEM! You are not going to need them.

I am going to tease you and get you so hard. You are going to beg me to touch your pathetic cock, but NO WAY LOSER! You are not going to touch your cock at all! Your tiny fucking pathetic cock. Awww does that make you sad..

I am so hot I am going to make you cum without touching your cock at all! Fucking disgusting fucktard!

Fuck Your Ass With Your Own Cum

I, your Goddess Jocelyn, am going to help you out with some masturbation instruction today. And when you cum, I am going to make you cum in your own hand and use it as lubrication to fuck your own ass!

First I want you to rub your little penis with two fingers, now rub your balls… We are going to get so nasty today. I know you want to feel something up your ass. So let’s get that ass opened up. Spit on your fingers and work two fingers up your ass. Oh yea, you like that bitch!

Oh god I am giggling so much watching you! You know you want it. Beg me to let you fuck your ass with your own cum. Won’t you feel like such a loser after you blow your load and then stick your cum filled fingers up your ass. Do you want to lick them off???

Anal Training

I know you sissy cock suckers are wondering “what can I do to be a better sissy and really please? How can I please any Mistress or Man I meet with my tight little sissy hole?”
First thing you need: Anal Training!
You need to start with inserting something small in your ass to warm up. Then move up to larger and larger until you are ready to get slammed by a huge thick cock!!!
Make sure to do this warm up anal training exercise every time before anal sex.
Click here for an example of an anal training kit with all the sizes you need to become a totally loose penetration loving sissy whore!!!!


  1. I just started training my sissy ass... I am soo excited :)

  2. I love being a sissy my ass loves cock

  3. I love being a sissy and my Pussy needs a man cock inside it



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