2 Nov 2009

Getting dressed up and girly

I have been away for the weekend and have been dying to come home and try on some of my new purchases. I definitely need to buy more! I need more and more girly girl panties, they feel so amazing against my smooth skin. I feel so aroused as i slowly pull them up around my ultra smooth legs and fit them snugly into place around my clit. They are a constant reminder of my girly status. I now wear panties full time and will slowly throw all of my male underwear away.

I took a few photos of me wearing a few items. I have only used lower body shots at present as i am still perfecting the rest of my look, plus i am not that confident yet! So hear goes!

I love my shear hold ups with lace trim, they make me feel so feminine. The garter belt just tips me over.

I love to get dressed up to receive cock, get very pretty then tease my pussy with the tip untill i yearn for that cock to be inside me.

My new pretty pink lacy boy shorts. They feel amazing.

These very girly white panties just make me so horny, i want to suck cock in them then let my man slide them off me and have his way.


This thong is just so naughty, i have my eye on another with very cute silver hearts that will frame my clitty and make me look so sassy.


Well i hope you like my pics. I am abit shy but am starting to get alot more adventurous, especially the more sassy and sissy i become. I want to be a total girly girl but still have along way to go. My next mission is to buy some school girl outfits. I love the school girl look. So girly, so sexy, so naughty. I want to be fucked hard while wearing the cutest schoolgirl outfit.

I really like this simple very girly look

I am definitely going to buy this outfit and model myself in this.

Hmmhh, i can not wait,,, sassy sissy girly girl lauren x


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