18 May 2011

Sexual characteristics and preferences changed forever...

I Know as I become more and more of a sissy sassy girly girl that i want to be just like her below. Sultry "come to bed eyes", gorgeous long silky hair and a cute body to die for. I want to enjoy my dildo just like her and put on a show for my man. Cute, feminine, gorgeous and built to be fucked hard like the little temptress I am becoming :)

Sometimes I do worry about this a little! My sexual preferences seem to be changing forever! Now I really do not crave pussy anymore Don't get me wrong, I still love girls. So much so that I am fast becoming one in every way. I really envy them. I want a real pussy just like them. I want a soft tight pink pussy so it can be stretched out by my man. Dildo's and gorgeous cocks filling me to the brim. In and out making me pant, wriggle and scream as I am taken. Just the thought of looking into my lovers eyes as he cums hard inside me, taking me to amazing new heights of submission. I want to become the ultimate little cute prick tease but then always let him have his way with me! It must feel amazing.

Hmmmm, so lets see, when you look at the two images below which one turns you on more?

OMG what an amazing pussy, I am seriously envious. OK well it's a mixed bag of very heady thoughts. It's lust and envy all rolled into one. I want to take serious care of that cock in every way a good girl should and just know how amazing it will feel deep inside me. It super turns me on having the fantasy of owning that pussy for real to receive his perfect manly cock. Perfect and tight, super girlie with a little landing strip. Having a little pink heart there would be a super cute n sexy touch. But a landing strip just screams sex! Just completely super girly and pretty in it's own right. My tattoos (Hello Kitty and Playboy, hey hey) would look extra amazing n feminine, just framing a sweet pussy like that. One day, one day...........

I want the full package, the gorgeous Little pussy, the female classic shape, every single characteristic that will clearly define me as a beautiful girl. So what are the most important features? Hmmmmm.

The classic hourglass Shape 

An hourglass figure is a very specific physical form exhibited by girls. A serious sissy girl should aim to achieve the same. Girls with an hourglass figure have super wide hips and busts which contrast starkly with a very narrow waist, creating a silhouette which resembles an old-fashioned hourglass. The hourglass figure is often considered to be an epitome of female beauty.
In a girl with a true hourglass figure, the measurements of hips and bust are essentially the same, and the waist measurement is equal to less than 75% of either the hip or bust measurement. The result is a very curvy figure, (hmm!) which emphasizes broad hips and large breasts. The hourglass figure is considered a beauty ideal, the narrow waist is considered a sign of true femininity. And a figure I definitely want!

My future Ideal figure and goal.

Cute, feminine, sexy and cute. Chic, flirty, makes men hard just thinking about me! Little cute curves everywhere! Of course you have to have all the unique little feminine accessories to make you uniquely girly. Some permanent, some not! So here is how I am shaping up and my end ideal goal. I am shaping into and want a body just like this:

Hmmmm, I can not wait until i look exactly like this! Every mans little wet dream!

Will keep you posted! lauren xx


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