25 Mar 2010

Girlie Pantie Fetish (Panties I want)

I Love panties, they are just the ultimate word and feel of feminization. So girly. Delicious lacy sassy panties. They must be very pretty, have delicate features and scream girl! These are the only kind I want to wear. Now the instant I slide a pretty pair of panties up over my smooth legs and thighs my little clit trys to become hard within its new prison. My panties become moist just like a girl as I prepare a hard cock to enter me. My path towards craving men instead of women is becoming a reality.

Of late I also love to paint my nails in a very girly girl way. The image of panties with sexy feminine nails caressing them is one which almost puts me over the edge without cock!

I want to share some images with you. These are girls, frankly I just want to be like. I want everything about them, I am jeleous that they can get cock so easily. They look effortlessly girly and of course they have a real pussy (Its not fair!). I want to be just like them. Here though I am just focusing on their panties and in some cases their nails,, hmmmm x

White and delicious, I want to own both pairs.

I must buy a pair like this! Blue and pink would be very cute

So Super Sassy and girlie

Matching cute nails and princess panties with flowers. I love the delicate trim on the sides. I would die to be her!

Pink, skimpy, lacy and oooh so feminine

I want the entire outfit, white with red hearts. A definate fuck me now outfit. 

Sweet red cherrys with cherry nails. Just need the lip gloss to match!

Polka-dots and satin are combined with sultry black lace in this fresh thong pantie. Soft black stretch lace front has scalloped edges and a hot pink bow adorning the center.
More to follow....x

16 Mar 2010

Sissy Assignment - Cream That Sissy Girlie Ass Pussy!

I always love assignments that are totally humiliating, that make me feel so very girlie and naughty. This assignments had me hot and bothered in no time! I will always try to share any good assignments I find. I only will post an assignment here once I have completed it myself, and you really need to try this! The feeling of cum inside you is divine.

The Assignment

Want a creamy ass pussy?  Of course you do.  You are a sissy.  You wish you had a real pussy - tight and wet - but you don't.  You just have a ridiculous sissy ass pussy.  Does a real man think about getting his ass creamed?  Not quite.  But you will never be a real man.  You will never be a girl either.  That is why you are here.  You are stuck somewhere in the middle.  Someplace where the dividing lines between genders blur.  You are neither man nor woman, boy nor girl. 

In order to make you feel gurlier and sissier, you need to feel what it is like to have a pussy full of man cream.  Unfortunately, you are not a real man, so you will have to use sissy cream.  For this assignment you will need something to pump your pussy full of cum.  If you have an eye dropper, oral syringe or turkey baster, you can use any one of those.  If not, take a trip to the drug store and buy one.  You are also going to need a butt plug.  We can't have all that lovely cream dripping right back out of your ass pussy, now can we?  Finally, you need a pair of panties.

Since you need a load of your sissy slime, you may pinch and wank your little dicklet while you decide how to prepare for your assignment.  If you don't have panties and a butt plug, shame on you!  Go to the adult toy store and buy them.  These are basic sissy toys.  Every sissy must have them.  As you pinch and wank, think about how much I own you.  Think about the things you are doing for Me.  Think of how completely emasculated you are becuming.  Once you spew your goo, save it until you can complete this assignment.  Just make sure it is at room temperature when you are ready.


All ready to play sissy boi?  Has your icky dicky been leaking while you were purchasing or gathering you items?  Good!  What a sissy bitch you are.  I know how much you are craving having a wet, slimey, cum filled pussy.  Strip naked for Me like a good gurl.  Stand in front of a mirror and look at yourself.  How did you get here?  How did all essence of masculinity slip away from you?  How did you becum emasculated enough to get hard as a rock (or a pebble) over thinking about pumping cum up your ass?

Does that get you even harder?  Thinking about how humiliated you are?  Hehe.  While you are still in front of your mirror, get your cum pumper ready.  Fill up whichever device you are using with your sissy juice and use some of it to lube up the end.  Make sure that your plug is ready as well.  Lube it up very well.  I want you to squish.

When you are all ready, watch yourself in the mirror as you push the cum pumper into your sissy pussy.  Still think you might be a real man?  Look at yourself.  Definitely not!  Think about how much you wish it was a cock getting ready to fuck you.  Think about how much you want a squishy cum filled pussy.  Then pump your slimy load into your ass.  Make sure you pump it all in.  Don't lose a drop!  Then stuff the plug up your ass to keep it all inside you.  Slip on your panties and now you are ready to play.

Now you can feel what it is like to have a pussy filled with cum.  Mmmmm.  Imagine that you have just been fucked and that a nice big cock exploded in your fuck hole.  Mmmmmm.  What a whore!  Wiggle your ass and feel what it is like to have a slimy cum filled pussy.  Make sure that you prance around, wiggling and wanking so that you can really get a good feel for your wet hole.  Don't you wish you had a pussy that got wet just like a girl?  That way the cocks could tell how much you love and need to be fucked!  Too bad - you're just a sissy.  You only have an ass pussy fuck hole.

Make sure that you wank and wiggle for at least a half an hour with your slimy ass pussy.  Make sure that you feel all that cum slip sliding inside you.  When you are ready, you may do one of two things.  If you have a dildo, lay down and remove the plug.  Imagine that you are My cock whore.  You have already been fucked full of cum and now you are going to take another cock.  Fuck yourself with that dildo like the sissy whore you are.

If you don't have a dildo to play with, remove the plug, tighten up your gaping ass as much as possible and put your panties back in place.  Keep wanking and wiggling and let the cum start to drip out.  Dance and prance and let the yummy cummy ooze out of your pussy.  Is this what a girl feels like when cum drips out of her pussy?  Hehe.  Let the cum drip and ooze into your panties and down your legs.  What a slut.  What a cum whore.  What a sissy boi!

When you are completely humiliated, completely turned on and completely emasculated, you may squirt your sissy slime again.  Squirt it right into your panties.  Now you are wet in the front and in the back.  Keep them on for another half an hour like a sloppy, fucked, cum dripping whore!  Good gurl! 
y Assignment - Cream That Ass Pussy

12 Mar 2010

Humiliation Assignments.

I found this site today and thought I would share it with you. It got me very aroused!!
The site - http://www.humiliationpov.com

Some stuff from it!! -

I have a special assignment for you today. I want you to take your hands, slide them up your legs, and SIT ON THEM! You are not going to need them.

I am going to tease you and get you so hard. You are going to beg me to touch your pathetic cock, but NO WAY LOSER! You are not going to touch your cock at all! Your tiny fucking pathetic cock. Awww does that make you sad..

I am so hot I am going to make you cum without touching your cock at all! Fucking disgusting fucktard!

Fuck Your Ass With Your Own Cum

I, your Goddess Jocelyn, am going to help you out with some masturbation instruction today. And when you cum, I am going to make you cum in your own hand and use it as lubrication to fuck your own ass!

First I want you to rub your little penis with two fingers, now rub your balls… We are going to get so nasty today. I know you want to feel something up your ass. So let’s get that ass opened up. Spit on your fingers and work two fingers up your ass. Oh yea, you like that bitch!

Oh god I am giggling so much watching you! You know you want it. Beg me to let you fuck your ass with your own cum. Won’t you feel like such a loser after you blow your load and then stick your cum filled fingers up your ass. Do you want to lick them off???

Anal Training

I know you sissy cock suckers are wondering “what can I do to be a better sissy and really please? How can I please any Mistress or Man I meet with my tight little sissy hole?”
First thing you need: Anal Training!
You need to start with inserting something small in your ass to warm up. Then move up to larger and larger until you are ready to get slammed by a huge thick cock!!!
Make sure to do this warm up anal training exercise every time before anal sex.
Click here for an example of an anal training kit with all the sizes you need to become a totally loose penetration loving sissy whore!!!!

Thoughts on Chastity, re-inforcing the Girlie girl

I have been so busy of late. So much work. Sitting at work I can feel my soft lacy pink girlie panties carressing my ultra smooth sassy sissy thighs. My thoughts turn to being the little minx that I am, slipping into some sexy silky, lacey underwear, I want to feel suspender straps taught down my legs and back of my thighs.. Paint my nails pretty pink, coat my lips with strawberry cherry (with a little sparkle!) lip gloss. A little spray of Lacoste "a touch of pink", some light make up. Ridiculous ultra feminine heels, with petite little ankle straps,, mmmmmmm... Just writing this makes me moist...

So how do I stop myself feeling so ultra girlie and horny all of the time. Constantly thinking about cock, and I what I want to do with one and how I will feel. Do I want to stop?? (I love it).

I have been seriously thinking about long term chastity. My penis is useless now anyway, it hasent been used to induce a climax in months now. My pussy does this very well, sissy girly orgasms. I may aswell reinforce the situation and totally remove it from the situation. It will also be very humiliating to know that even if I wanted to, my penis is completley out of reach. If i am horny I have to cum by playing with my pussy, nipples and only anything a real girl has to play with...  and I sooo want to be more girlie, submissive and girly, a feminine little sex minx,,, wow.

Can chastity reinforce my situation? Will I be more Feminine? Will it make me less of more Horny? More importantly will it help me be a better Sissy Sassy Girlie girl?  My chastity begins this Friday. Of course you can follow me as I take this extra road.

4 Mar 2010

Beginner Sassy Sissy Pussy Training

Wow, it seems along time ago now, but this assignment really made my tiny boy cock completely useless as i learned my place as a very sassy sissy with a cute pussy. Now i use my pussy almost exlusively to enjoy any release. Just as a Sissy Sassy girl should. Why dont you enjoy how to have a beautiful pussy that needs to be fucked just like Sissy Sassy Girlie Girl lauren.

Being fucked is a very important part of being a sissy.  Of course you have thought about it.  And you have craved it.  Now is the time to start stretching your sissy fuck hole so it can take big cock like it's supposed to.

This assignment is fairly simple.  You are to buy an anal training kit with graduated butt plugs.  This website has a few such kits.  I have never ordered anything from this particular company, so I am not suggesting that you order from them.  I am merely showing you the sort of thing you need to get.  You can also use things like carrots with condoms over them to improvise.

If you have never played with your sissy pussy, you are in for a new experience.  Sissies need to be fucked like girls.  They need to be filled with enormous cock and fucked hard and deep.  In order to achieve this all important goal, you will need to stretch out that tight little fuck hole.  You also need to feel what it is like to have your prostate massaged while you have your ass pussy filled with cock, because it will addict you to being fucked like a girl!

Once you get your training kit and/or carrot, you can start your training.  It's very important to get a good quality lube and to use lots of it.  You also should be wearing panties, stockings or another girly item.  You must feel as sissified as possible to begin this assignment.  If you live alone, you will be able to save your sissy cum like a good gurl.  This way, you can use the cum as lube for your man pussy the next time you get fucked.

Now we have to get you into a very gurly mood.  Only the sluttiest gurls will get their sissy holes filled.  So, on with your panties!  If you have some lipstick, smear that onto your slutty lips too.Stand in front of a mirror with your panties on.  Rub your sissy bump through the panties.  Leave the tip of it sticking out of the top of your panties.  If it is big enough that is.  You need to see yourself as you really are.  A sissy in panties with a hard little dicklet!

Start shaking your ass into the mirror and saying "Fuck Me, I'm a sissy gurl" over and over.  Blow kisses to yourself and wiggle your hips and ass and beg for cock in your pussy.  You will have to determine the best position to insert the plug.  Whatever position you are in, make sure you relax.  Relax your pussy hole and let that plug slide in!  Once it is in and situated properly, you can start to play.

Make sure to use the mirror.  You must see yourself with this full pussy.  You must see your dicklet leaking all over your panties.  You must see the plug in your ass and you must know that you will NEVER be a man.  Each time you play, leave the plug in a little but longer.  But never leave it in for too long as you could damage your sissy slut hole.  While you prance around in front of the mirror, stroke your clitty through your panties and wiggle your sissy slut ass, I want you to say "I am training My slut hole for Goddess Victoria!"  As you squirt your juice into your hand, say that you are cumming for ME and that you are My slut.  Then slide your hand to your mouth and slurp up the cum.

As you get used to the plug, you can upgrade to the next bigger size.  As you use each plug, think of how you are preparing your pussy to be fucked hard!  Think of how much you will be pleasing Me.  And think ofhow far you have cum in your sissy training.  You must use an anal plug whenever you play with your clittly from now on until you are ready to take a big cock.  Make sure that you tell Me exactly how your ass pussy training is cumming along!

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