27 Sep 2010

Girly Girl ways to recieve and love cum

Sorry, been on Hols for a bit, break from the world, time to reflect, just letting my hair down...........................So Back to business ;)

just like like a real girl , sissy girls are designed to recieve cum,,, hmm thick, hot, white, fresh cum, just the mere touch of it on your bare skin instantly makes you sissy, girly girl and weak at the knees.

It is the ultimate reward. A sure sign that you have given your man sexual pleasure and made him very happy as he explodes all over you. His little sissy, girly girl, cock trained minx.
The experience of hot cum splashing inside you or all over you (where ever it may be ;) should be one of pleasure and sure girly humiliation. You have made a Man sexually excited, you worked hard to take him to the very edge and now as his little girly girl you will recieve his Cum anywhere he desires.
The more submissive the situation the better. You have submitted to his cock and you love it, its now time to submit to his hot sticky cum as he tenses and groans, you watch that cock twitch submissivley gasping, any minute that cum is going to explode out,

hehe, Question is: where? Where does he want to cum? How do you want to take it? Hmmmm so many possablities. So many fetishes. Where will your man make you take it?

The girly girl classic facial

How super girly girl delicious would it be, to be her?

Kneeling in front of your man licking his cock lustfuly and with purpose. Letting the slut inside you come out and play. You want that cum, and you want it just like a horny little naughty girly girl would love it. All over your pretty made up face. There is little more to advertise better that,, you like sucking/recieving cock, your a little submissive weak girly girl and best off all you love it,, than having hot cum running down your face fresh for a guy you just got off.

Feeling it twitch under your tounge as you pull it out stroking him to finish him off, staring at his cock pulsing in front of your face,  waiting patiently for the explosion to happen which is pointed directly at your face.

Hmmm, i am dreaming of it now. Now its only proper to clean him up like a proper girly girl, cum all over you face, cock back in your mouth,, you natural position ;)

He cums all over you cute girly arse.

Riding his cock hard, milking him with your pussy, it soo horny when you man pulls out because you've made him so excited with you pussy backing on to him again and again. He can't help it, he pulls out and explodes all over you bare girly girl arse. You feel that hot sticky cum running down you crack, skimming your pussy, so girly. you're such a little whore. On all fours with an arse covered in cum.

I had a tramp stamp tattoo recently. Its very girly, has pink hearts and is probably in the most girl position it can be on my lower back. One day i really want my man to pull out and cum all over it. It will really live up to another one of it nicknames "cum catcher". I want to be just like this lucky girl here;

One of my favorite fantasies is for my man to fuck me hard from behind untill he is straining not explode inside of me, he then pulls out. He has me spreak my arse cheeks wide, with my pink painted nails. He then wanks off and cums all over my spread ass.. hmmmm.

Give him a foot job and make him cum all over your feet/heels.

Some guys have a foot fetish, maybe yours will. He will make you stroke his cock with your feet, stocking covered or just with very pretty painted toes. How submissive and girly to be slowly wanking you man off with your feet. Massaging it with you toes. Feeling the pre-cum leak all over you ankles and toes as he drips in excitment for you pretty girly feet.

Maybe he will have you bring him off with your high heels. Take his cock and place it between the heel and the sole then move you girly leg up and down, taking him to new heights with you girly girl super high heels.

Both equally humilating and exciting, i bet you secretly would love to do this, be made to give a man sexual pleasure in so many humiliating ways, have him cum in so many humiliating places. In this case all over your pretty toes or all over your pretty heels. How girly, super sissy and hot.

Hmmm, he comes on soles of your feet

All over your pretty painted toes.

He cums all over your hair.

This would be super hot and humiliating. To have your man hold you still while he jerks off, strocking his cock right above your head. He has you suck him off getting him more excited then pulls out again. There is no getting out of it, he wants to shoot all over your hair. Like a good little whore you let him (and secretly love it!).

Then it happens, a hot cum shower rains down from above all over your sweet long girly hair. You are covered in it as thick globules run down and drip off you hair making you feel like a proper little slut. Covered in his seed which you helped to happen. Face it, 

You love having his cum all over you. Yo don't care where. Just as long as you get some.

tbc .. lauren xx


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