13 Oct 2010

My Last thoughts on my girly girl markings before they are done & need your help!

OMG! So an appointment is booked for Tuesday next week to have my new tattoos done! A little nervous but very very excited. I decided, because I love them both and there are two very distinct sides to my personality as a girl, (both very cute n girly and very slutty!) that i would have both tats!

So having a Hello Kitty design to the left of my pubic region and a playboy bunny to the right. Both will be literally just poking above my pantie line in just about the next most feminine place possible except for the lower back! As you know already, i have already had that done! I love my lower back tattoo, its a constant marking that just brands me "GIRL!", its, hot,humiliating and looks super cute. Especially with very cute lingerie and tight hipster jeans. Even better when wearing a sexy thong with tight jeans, anyone who gets a peak just knows i am a very sexual sissy girl! He he, i love it! My new tattoo's are just going to make me even more Girly.

So, the playboy bunny tattoo is easy, will just leave that to my tattoo artist. I need some inspiration for my Hello Kitty tattoo. i must love it, remember i will have this forever so it must be right.

I have found some designs i quite like, bit traditional but very cute! ;

So please help me decide! Vote in my poll or if you have seen some very cute designs or have your own ideas i would love to hear them. I must know by next Tuesday! Just leave me a comment.

Or you can always email me at sissygirllauren@hotmail.co.uk. Always love to hear from people.

BTW, love and appreciate all of your comments, some are very flattering ;) will be sure to post new pics in the next week. I have some very naughty articles to publish in the near future, my Girly mind is in overtime!

Speak soon, love as always lauren xx

11 Oct 2010

This is my ultimate Sissy Girly Girl Goal!

Was being a very naughty girl the other night and browsing the Internet looking for models to aspire to.

Love to see their look and how utterly convincing they have made themselves as females. i am at the stage now where if i try hard, i can pass as female in public. I have the long hair, slender girly body, girly tattoo, very cute clothes, sweet girly girl make-up and perfume. I even have a desire for boys and get ever so horny for cock even if they are just realistic ones at the moment! This will soon change, my first real sexual encounter with a guy is just around the corner now, i know it. This is going to be a major leap forward in being the girl i really want to be. Having a boyfriend is really going to seal the deal for me ;)

The question is, how far and how permanent do i want to make all of this? Am i sure i want to be a girl forever? How far will i go to achieve this? These are questions i have asked myself alot in the last few weeks. I have already committed my self to a very cute tattoo on my lower back (pics on this blog) and now have an appointment booked for two more, a "Hello Kitty" tattoo and "Playboy Bunny" tattoo, both to go either side of my pubic region, just poking above my pantie line! He he, they are going to be so cute. I will make sure i post some pictures. Then quickly after this i have promised myself a belly button piercing.

The thing is, i know i am not going to stop, its going to be one thing after another until basically i am female. Below is probably one of my biggest idols at the moment, she is cute, sassy, very girly and is proud to admit it.

I had to double check that she was a she male! But wow, after seeing these pics, i know that this is how convincingly female i am going to be! In fact not to be over confident but i believe i already nearly have that body. I am also a brunette but need to work on my hairstyle and get my hair longer.

The thing is the next steps need careful planning and some thought put into them. She has gorgeous little breasts. The only way i am going to achieve this is through hormones, or maybe breast implants. Both seem a little a scary but equally something i crave more and more. Hormones would also give me wider hips, the classic girly hourglass shape. They would soften my voice, give me smoother skin, round my bottom even more (bubble butt, hmmmm ;), make me emotional and basically turn me into what i always wanted to be,,,, a girl. The other major thing Hormones would do, is reduce the size of my already very girly Clitty.

Question is, How small is small enough? As Miss D, put it "it would have to be less than one inch long (or even smaller!) and less than one inch in diameter when fully erect". I do not think you could call something as tiny as this an erection! Which is the whole goal really! At this size, it would be next to impossible to stand and pee. It would defiantly rule out penetrative sex - even when erect!

It really would become just a clitty. It would still get excited if it was played with and it could certainly still be made to cum - but only just like a girl. If you still needed a chastity device to stop you from constantly rubbing your clitty, it would have to be a female chastity belt. Panties would look nice and smooth just as they should. Of course this is just going to make you want cock even more. Its sounds perfect to me!!

The goal is to be in this position as often as possible:

Impaled on cock, milking your man to heaven. Rocking back and forth until he explodes inside you. Being able to make your Man cum hard with just your pussy alone. Being able to cum just by having cock inside you. The thought of receiving cum anywhere just flips you over the edge. Just being a very horny girly girl and submissive for your Man. I know this is my destiny and i am just fine with it!!

I want to be her by day (cute girly, pretty and submissive);

And then a sex vixen by night just like her;

On my back, legs spread, taking cock just like i was built to :) What do you think? You wanna be here? 

Speak soon,,, lauren xx

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