7 May 2010

The perfect cute sissy sassy girl look (I strive for this look)

Wow, I stumbled upon these pictures and just wanted to be this girl, She is so girly, cute and ultra feminine. Cute little girly smile and fuck me now eyes. I strive to look and be like this.

I have a pair of panties just like this. All I need now is the heels, pantyhose and that fuck me now look.

Perfect girly girl look, white cotton panties, creamy white peachy bottom. Again those super girly eyes.

Dressed in a cute girly school uniform,, with mosit little pink panties, teasing all the boys.

Pink panties and knee high white socks. The perfect outfit for sex with my man. If only I really was her.

Need i say more. She has the girly girl look down to a T. This is exactly how I want to look. Cute, girly sexy. Ready for cock. Giving you a teasing look coaxing my man to become errect so he can slip his massive cock in my girly wanting pussy.

Learning to cum with very sassy girly girl thoughts

All you need for this training exercise is the ability to read and to masturbate. Very easy for girly airheads like us who just dream of cock. Since you have made it this far, we seem to be good to go. ;) The point of this sissy training exercise is for us to realize how incredibly excited we get about being girly sissy girls. We should feel throughout our entire body that it is our sissiness that is making us explode. Hehe. It should be like a bolt of lightning electrifying our bodies when we have our sissy climax. Cumming because we are sissy girly girls makes us squirt extra hard. We should  feel that this encompass our entire bodies when we cum and we should know that our sissy orgasm is so intense because we are squirting for our total lack of and rapidly fading manhood.

It's very simple really. We have these feelings. We try to push them down and pretend they don't exist. After all, it's super cute and embarrassing to be a sissy girl. It's humiliating to know that we fall utterly short in the masculinity department. So, we try to act like a real man and pretend that we do not want to wear panties or suck cock like a practised cute sex minx.

But, these feelings don't go away. The more we push them down, the more explosive they becum. We wind up like a sissy volcano. You know - a small volcano. Lol. Our girly thoughts boil and percolate in the back of our head. We think about how good it would be not to be ashamed of wanting to be a sissy sassy girly girl. How good it would be to prance around in some heels and take cock in our pussy. Mmmmm. But we push those thoughts away and refuse to let them spew out of our little sissy volcanos.

Then someone cums along. Someone who knows you like the back of their hand. Someone who knows that you want to smear your lips with whore red lipstick and be forced to suck cock. Someone who knows that the way slutty panties feel on your little clit gets you excited like nothing else. So silky... so slippery. Are you wearing panties, sissy girl? Go get them. Slip them on. Mmmmm... so good.

Of course that someone like also knows how to push your buttons and how to control you. They know how to get you addicted to being a sissy bitch and how to erase any lingering thoughts of masculinity. Your sissy stick is so hard, isn't it? Is it starting to ooze yet? Is the sensitive head of your little clitty starting to shine and drip with precum?

It looks yummy doesn't it? Sooooo yummy. I know that feeling well sissy girls. Let the feeling take you. You need to eat cum! FEEl it! You NEED to eat cum. Wipe up some of that precum up with your finger. Flop your wrist around and hold out your pinky while you do it. You NEED to eat cum. Hold that finger in front of your mouth until you are desperate to slurp it. Then, give in to it. Stuff your finger in your mouth and slurp. Eat that sissy juice. Slurpity, slurp.

Now think about what you have done. You are an addicted cum eater. You have given in to the feeling and, OMG, it was sooooo good. Would a real man feel this way. Ummm... no.

Now allow those deep dark thoughts to the surface of your girly brain. Do it because you really need to. Do it because you are a sissy bitch. Let the really naughty thoughts out. Are you a beginner sissy and do you feel shame and excitement because you need to suck cock really bad? Or maybe being a roughed up little whore is what gets you off. Picture that someone telling a few black guys to push you down and stuff you full of cock. Big, black cock! They don't really have to push you around. You'd probably be begging for it.

What about that pretty sissy pussy, sissy girl? Is it throbbing? Does it need to be full? Fucked? Stretched? Pumped full of real man's cum? Let that image cum to the surface. You need to be fucked. On your back. Like a whore. Picture it. Feel it. It's what you need. You're a sissy. Now think about who you fantasize would be watching as your virgin sissy pussy gets taken by cock. Your wife? The hottie in the office? All your neighbors? Hehe. They all know exactly what you are.

Show them who you are. Let the girly, sissy, whore-ish, cock sucking, slutty, submissive, teasing, utterly inappropriate thoughts overwhelm you. Let the thoughts seep into your active imagination. Feel them, sissy. Feel them taking you. Feel them overwhelming you. They are too powerful to deny. Masturbate as you feel your deepest sissiest fantasies. Keep slurping up your sissy juice. Masturbate and know - this is what you are. Say it as you wank "I am not a real man. I am a girly cock whore."

How intense do you feel? How intense are those buried sissy fantasies? How powerful? How incredibly naughty... and unbelievably hot. tease it, sissy girl. That little volcano is so full of lava isn't it? FEEL it as you tease your clit. You are a sissy sassy girly girl. You are a pussy. You are not a real man. Let the feelings swell and overtake you. Let that little volcano finally erupt! As you feel yourself starting to have your sissy-gasm, know that you are going to blow for being a naughty sissy girl. You are going to finally let those nasty fantasies take you and you are going to feel like they make you shoot up to the ceiling. Let it overwhelm you like a good girl. A nasty girl... a slutty girl... a very naughty girl. You are going to squirt harder than you ever thought possible. It's too late to turn back now. You are an addicted girly bitch.

Very Sissy Girly Girl Socks

I haven't said much about SISSY SOCKS as part of my wardrobe accessories. Sissy socks make an enormous difference in your sissy appearance, just as thigh highs can make a difference in a sissy maid uniform. Socks can be coordinated with the type of shoe you are wearing.

For example, if you wear Mary Jane shoes with your outfit, anklet socks and Mary Janes go quite nicely together. Lace trimmed socks also go well with little girl dresses and adult baby outfits. So sweet! So Sassy, so Girly! You can get them with dainty pink ribbons, bows, and delicate flowers. Cute knee high socks are perfect to go with your girly school girl outfit.Of course you can keep your socks on for sex with your man. They will make you feel extra girly and sassy as you recieve cock in your ever so cute socks! They make your mouth water, don't they, sissies? Take a look at some of the very girly girl socks I have purchased to make me feel extra girly. Make sure you buy some soon, they are delicious. xx

Both of these heel sock combos are just so sexy. The bows and lace just make me feel so sassy.

Ever so cute white socks with very dainty girly girl heels. Perfect for a very sissy girl like me. I want them to be on my mans shoulders as I feel his cock move in and out of me. No doubt that I have submitted to everything Girl.

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