24 Feb 2010

Very sexy sassy sissy girly hypnosis i'm going to try

There is a massive amount of sissy and humiliation hypnosis material out there. Some of it makes extremely erotic reading. I wonder if it really works. I certainly hope so! If it can make me even more girly, sassy and submissive then i want some! Truly mind conditioned to be obsessed with everything female and everything that goes with it. Here i have group together some of the more interesting material that frankly makes me soak my very pink girlie panties. Read and enjoy x

This is from the site - sissy hypnosos   I think i am going to buy all of them!

This erotic hypnosis mp3 will condition your brain to respond to a certain trigger phrase by going into submissive bimbo mode. Whenever anyone uses the phrase in your presence, the following will immediately occur:

* you will become very submissive and obedient
* you will become extremely feminine
* your IQ level will drastically drop (you'll become stupid)
* you will become very horny and slutty
* you will crave being dressed in slutty clothes and lots of makeup
* you will feel your tits grow
* you will feel your clitty shrink
* you will swing your hips when you walk (like a whore)
* you will twirl your hair when you talk (like a dumb ho)
* you will crave to listen to bubbly female pop singers
* you will crave bubble gum (and to blow bubbles)
* you will crave to serve your Mistress (or if you are unowned, then a Dominant Woman you admire)

The triggers will work on you when they are heard, read, spoken, typed, or written. So they can be used online with someone, and even when you are alone. If you are with your Mistress or Owner when in bimbo mode, you will above all be obedient,,,  (wow i want all of this)

Description: Hypnosis/feminization mp3 where I transform you into a girl. The emphasis is on the transformation of your male parts into girl parts. your penis becomes a clitoris, your testicles become labia, and your anus becomes a vagina. Additionally, your nipples will become more sensitive and your breasts will grow. I will teach you how you are to play with your newly-developed girl parts in order to achieve the most satisfaction.

Because you will now have girl parts, you will also experience monthly cycles. For a week out of each month (starting on the full moon), your boobs will be extra swollen and sensitive, you will experience a mild cramping near your uterus, and you will be super horny. you will also tend to be rather emotional during this week, crying over things like greeting card commercials and sunsets.

Of course, you will also take on more feminine mannerisms, such as swaying your hips as you walk and making delicate gestures with your hands. When flirting, you will lick and purse your lips and bat your eyelashes, occasionally flinging your head back as if to remove hair from your face. you will wear women's panties as often as possible, and dress up just like a girl as often as you can. the pitch of your voice will raise dramatically, and others will notice.

Again, the emphasis is on complete transformation of male parts to girl parts. you will firmly believe that your parts have changed, and over time they will certainly take on characteristics you never dreamed possible. you will find pleasure in both vaginal and clitoral stimulation, and will need to go to the bathroom sitting down from now on. Bubble baths, chocolate ice-cream, and cosmetics fill your heart with joy

Description: This hypnosis session is designed to condition you to only have hands-free orgasms from now on. you will be able to touch yourself in a teasing manner in order to intensify sexual arousal (masturbation), but whenever you feel like you are close to ejaculating, you will stop touching. If you want to ejaculate, you will need to do so without using your hands to expedite the process. you will either need to:
1. Cum on command of a Dominant Woman, without any physical help, or
2. Cum while rubbing your penis against something, like a pillow, without any hand-help

While this session is meant to condition your masturbation experiences from now on, it is also provides you with an example of the orgasms you will be having for the rest of your life. I guide you through a teasing and denial process, telling you when and how to touch, and intensifying your level of sexual arousal, ultimately leading up to a hands-free orgasm.

Be sure to have handy a pillow or other object to rub against if you think it will be necessary in order for hands-free ejaculation to occur. Remember, there is no hand use in your orgasms. That means you are unable to use your hands in any way while cumming; you will need to set your rubbing object in such a way that you will be able to rub up against it without holding or touching it at all with your hands. Some ideas are:
1. A pillow set on your bed or couch
2. A pillow held between your legs
3. A clean, carpeted floor
4. Wearing tight (preferably spandex) underwear and grinding inside them

Perhaps you have your own creative idea. Either way, from now on your orgasms will be created through intense tease and denial sexual arousal, until you are so horny that touching with your hands simply isn’t necessary anymore.

 Sissy conditionning & programming

To keep his pathetic male mind, and be forced to act and dress as a female. He will be a mere passenger, helplessly trapped in his sissified body, and can be made to serve as a maid, or any other activity you choose. Here is the specific programming that comes in the complete package:
  • Unable to stand up and keep his balance unless wearing high heels that are at least 4 inches.
  • Unable to even remember how to walk without taking small mincing steps and swaying his hips provocatively.
  • Forced to talk about himself in the feminine forms, and unable to say his male name.
  • Unable to let anyone know that he was trapped into becoming a girl. To anyone who asks, he will gush about how he loves being a girl sooo much, and that he's much happier this way.
  • Unable to endure wearing the smallest bit of male clothing without feeling like his delicate feminine skin is on fire where the offending fabric touches him. Nausea is another option.
  • Feels naked, terribly ashamed, lose all his confidence and turn into a sobbing, quivering mess if he is ever seen in public while he is: not wearing a filled bra, panties, makeup, earrings, perfume, and a feminine hairstyle.
  • Feels like the ugliest most disgusting creature imaginable unless all his body hair is removed.
  • Becomes incredibly bored by sports talk and to become violently nauseous when attempting to watch competitive sports, or read about them
  • Feels pleasure and great interest whenever reading women's magazines, watching soap operas, figure skating, and to be thrilled by anything that has to do with beauty, fashion or makeup.
  • Feels jealous, instead of aroused, when he sees a beautiful woman. Find himself comparing his feminine looks with hers.
  • Forced to act as if he loved everything you do to feminize him!
The preferred method for this is deep hypnotic programming, using the deepest trances to bypass his free will and access the most receptive parts of his brain. To fill his subconscious mind with layer upon layer of hypnotic commands it must obey, erase knowledge of how to behave as a male, and replace it with dozens of rules of feminine behavior which his deep mind must obey, far beyond the reach of his conscious mind. In effect, this is like trapping his mind in the body of a robot, one that is programmed to act and feel like a female, whether he likes it or not. His choices will be limited by his programming. Does he prefer to wear the red or the black high heels with that dress? 

 Cock-sucking sissy slut:
Cock-sucking sissy slut:She craves cock. In fact, she's addicted to it. The sight of one, or the slightest taste of cum sends her into a feeding frenzy, a terrible erotic hunger that can only be satisfied by sucking off a guy and swallowing or licking every drop of cum. It starts out as a weekly need, but soon grows into an obsession for yummy cocks of all shapes and sizes, and thinking only of how to get more. You can set her feeding schedule, knowing that if you wait 3 days to feed her instead of a week, she will then need cum every three days for the rest of her life. Making "her" suck two cocks in a row is a great way to turn him into a sissy whore, and make some extra cash. 
Hypnotic castration:

 Very simply, it won't go up. Ever. End of story. 
Male pussy whore:

 He is programmed to get fucked in his male pussy as much as he can, and try to seduce any man he can into fucking him. Without a cock inside, he feels empty and worthless, and so needs to regularly penetrate himself with a dildo, or wear a butt plug to avoid the terrible feelings of emptiness.

Say Buh-Bye To Your manhood!

You think about it alot, don't you sweet tits?

Staring at the Women around you and just wishing one of them would *make* you do it! Force you into makeup, slutty lingerie, and then to your ultimate clit-tickling fantasy - to have them shove a cock right in that dirty hole of yours and make you suck the filthy thing until you gag.

I'm the Girl who forced Her little brother into wigs, makeup and dresses and made him do little dances while he cried like a baby girl. I simply laughed, smacked him around and made him play dirty Barbies with Me. Hahaha!

While you're never going to be a fraction of the beautiful, talented and utterly phenomenal Woman that I am - it's certainly going to be a riot experimenting on you!!

Hormones, plastic surgery, charm school - you'll be a fucking masterpiece after I'm done!

Things You Won't Be Doing Anymore
Things You'll Be Aquiring a Taste For
Hanging out with "the guys"
Watching sports and the Spike Channel
Being disrepectful to Women
Acting "macho"
Anything sexual to do with Women
Wearing panties, slutty clothes and fuck me pumps
Shopping, bikini waxes and chick flicks
Being completely obedient to ME
Emasculating humiliation
Gloryholes, street corners and massive cocks

Feminization Hypnosis

A rather large word that means a whole lot of things. Each of us has our own idea of what feminization means. To some, it's to be completely transformed into a woman. To others, feminization means you like to put yourself in a pair of silky, sexy panties.
I like to break that word down into three different categories that can and should be intermixed whenever there is a chance to.

Panty Boys

Panty Boys can range from everything from raging faggots, to John Wayne types who just happen to like to wear panties, to those who know they are perverts and need to be laughed at for their little secret. And of course, everything in between. The one thing they all have in common is their love for panties. Dainty, sexy, or just your plain cotton brief, panty boys just can't resist not to put on a pair of ladies knickers. Whether it be the feeling they get when they slide a pair on, or how the cloth feels as its pulled tight against their cock and balls, there is just something about a pair of pretty panties that turns them on.
For panty boys, I like to make them more addicted to the 'lil silky undies. I like to make them crave panties like drugs. My favorite thing to do is to take the man's man and make him want that little bit of femininity underneath his clothes at all time. Of course, I like to tinker a little and make it so Panty Boys can't reach orgasm unless they are touching a pair, it's just to irresistible for words.
Of course we can also plant other little seeds, little deeds you can do while you are wearing your panties. We can either keep these deeds in your imagination through a role play, or actually make you go out and accomplish devilish little tasks, depending on where your subconscious wants you to go. We can make you crave toys or even cock while you wear your panties or turn your knickers into your "superman" suit of sorts and make you a masturbation hero or send you out on a cock caper.


The Sissy. Such a fun word to say and an even better partner to play with. Sissies can range from someone who wants to take on a feminine role for a time, to cross dressers, to humiliation sissies who need to be giggled at endlessly. Sissies are known for their soft voices, girlish giggles, and limp wrists.
For sissies, I like to start with the basics. Make them move, talk, laugh, and of course cum like the girlie slut they are. I like to transform their voices, so that whenever they hear me speak or sense a certain trigger, that voice spews from their lips, no matter how hard they try to sound masculine. I also like to create an alter ego for them, their femme ego, give her a name, and even a specific look. My favorite looks come from the pin up girls from the 1940's.
Of course, my favorite is to make them cock sucking whores, but that's just a person preference of mine. There are many many straight sissies, who just enjoy being feminine. They enjoy having sex with women, as women, which is a nice treat for me.

Forced Bi Sluts

Gay or straight, it really doesn't matter. These males crave dick, want dick. They want to suck it, they want to fuck it, they want to rub their own dicks on other dicks. They, plain and simple, have dick on the brain and just can't seem to get it out of their head.
Oh, and I get off making real men go down on other men... what can I say, I'm a bit pervy that way. It's my porn. For my hypnosis subjects, I tend to make them want dick so much, they practically go crazy. I love it when I get a man to suck his first cock, whether in fantasy or reality, I just can't get enough, nor will my slut.
I love being a pimp, I love sending my little cock sucking minions out in the world, only for them to come back with a fist full of money and a stomach full of cum.

 Pussy Pants!

 Smooth supple skin, demure and graceful movements, seductive and hypnotic in that simple slight swaying of hips..the slight swaying of hips and small of the back... so demure, so feminine and alluring...and the more you visualize the deeper you fall... fall into a deep delirious trance. delicious trance so peaceful and feminine"
An intensive femme-laced hypnosis trance session that will allow you to set yourself free, allowing for the inner girlie to merge out. Prolonged visual directives guide you towards a feeling of sexual fulfillment and gender identity. Focus is completely lost as you simply allow intensive post hypnotic triggers to embed themselves deep into your psyche.
Keywords: Feminization, numbness, mindless, follow my voice, deep trance, comfortable place, heavy sissification undertones, hormonal balancing.
Intended only for the true client who wishes to pursue feminization or sissification

Visit and buy this set of hypnosis sessions

 Sweet Cheeks!

Sensual smooth freshly shaven skin should not be restricted to only one gender. You have been granted permission to shave. Permission to explore silken skin, to have the sweetest sweet cheeks. You may not be comfortable with shaving your entire body, and that is perfectly ok.This recording will gently guide your subconscious mind to allow permissions to shave private areas on your body. No one has to know your hidden desires, your secret fantasies. In today's highly groomed society, there really is no harm in a freshly manicured man, anyway. So go ahead...allow your mind to trance. Just relax...and allow yourself to experience the ultimate smooth surrender...sweet cheeks.

Sex Kitten : A Very Naughty and Kinky Hypnosis Experience brought to you by SissyTrance.com .
Intended for mature audiences only.

"Who is really the busty nymphette in this situation here? You are such a naughty little minx...I knew it from the first time I saw you. I can keep a secret...And I wonder if you'd like to play a game of Let's Pretend?"

Back by popular demand, Mona Blu brings you a deliciously deviant concoction of soothing, melodic and alluring affirmations diffused with soft spoken, delirious driven naughty and somewhat shockingly seductive suggestions with Sex Kitten. Intended for the curious to the openly 'out' feminization clientelle. Allow your mind to open, experience new ideas and thoughts. you have no expectations of outcome...except that you will never forget this erotic and sexy journey

Feminine Breeder 1 

Feminine Breeder 1 
                    I have transformed your body... into a perfect, sexy, slutty female. And now... now you're going to have My baby! Oh, but how is that possible? If I'm a woman... and you're a woman...? Welcum to the miracles of Modern Science, babi! Deep down in My dungeon, I have a special laboratory... made just for Me, by My clever, faithful slaves! With a huge, tilting table... where I am going to strap you down... and spread your legs... And I am going to pump your pussy so full of artificial sperm, you can't help but conceive. All YOU have to do, My little slut... is CUM! Cum so intensely, you're not even going to be able to remember clearly, what happens in this MP3. Because I need to drive you to the edge. Pleasure and pain... pleasure and pain... lust and fear... I'm going to rape your body... I'm going to rape your mind... and I'm going to FORCE you to spasm, and shake, and absorb every drop from My huge, electro-mechanical strap-on dildo! What do you have to say about that? i must obey Dominica! Heeheehee... that's what I thought!

lauren Loves Cock

Jessica Loves Cock 
Oh, lauren! Here's a little, mmmmmmmmmm, SUGAR for you. You love to cummmmmmm for Dominica right? You lovvvvve to have Dominica in control of your little girlie orgasms....

Well, now, MzDominica has a boy friend. And, of course, She wants him pleased as well. So, she is going to give you a new addiction. An addiction to cock. Yes, you are going to be MzDominica's little cock slave, wanting to have a cock inside ALL your little holes.

Oh yes, you will cum again, and again, and again, just like a girl. A GOOD little girl cock slave.

This will make you feel soooooooo good! lauren cant control herself she is sooo hot for serving Dominica she does not even notice Me hypnotizing her DEEP DEEP downnnnnn and making her soooo hungry for cock so crazy for it your willing to do ANYTHING Dominica says to get some cock in your hands, pussy, ass, even your slutty slave mouth you need every hole filled and touching sexy hard dick right now!

 Wow, sissy lauren needs a good session with a dildo between her smooth silky sassy legs, I am so turned on. Speak soon x x


  1. A great repository of some fun hypnosis files. I have a lot of experience with hypnosis and I consider the erotic stuff to be candy, entertainment.


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