24 Dec 2010

Cute as can be Girly Feminine clothes and where to get them!

If your like me, a true girly girl at heart them your probably love your shopping! Cute, sexy, flirty clothing that just shouts "look at me! I am such a cutey cute girl!". I spend a fortune on items for the bedroom, just being flirty casual, a nite out with the girls, cute chic sexy wear, kit to seriously prick tease and turn men's heads!

Being a girl can be expensive but ever so much fun! So many exciting things to wear and looks to try out! So many fabrics and textures to experience against your smooth silky skin. So many things to excite you and make you feel extra girly and excited!

Here I will attempt to showcase where I mainly shop and the clothes I have bought in the last six months. Hopefully this will give you some inspiration to go out and try some very cute looks for yourselves.

Cute Tees and Tanks! http://www.wetseal.com/

These tops are just so flirty! They look ultra sexy when worn with some cute tight jeans. I love showing off a little mid-drift and flashing a little tattoo! I have bought all of the tops above! I spend too much money! Just can't resist it!

The first top is to die for! Bought that one first off then a few more causal items as shown above. Their range is just fantastic.

The Dresses from this company are just sooo cute. I love all these looks, so much so that I own all of the items pictured above! I could seriously buy there entire range. There is something for every occasion and they are just so ultra feminine, cute and chic. Check out their range!

Super girly Jeans! - http://shop.pacsun.com/home.jsp

I do not own many pairs of girls jeans yet, but my collection is growning quite quickly now as i picked up these not along ago! The super tapered look is my favorite with low rise and flares looks super cute.

 Cute Bra n Panties! (Just can't resist them!) - www.jcpenneys.com

Bright, cute, flirty and very sexy! Just the style I love. Also can not get enougth of Hello Kitty branded items, especially panties. Its just so cute n naughty!

More very cute dresses! - http://www.macys.com

Just so adorable! I love cute dresses. I am proud to say I have bought all of the above dresses. Just so girly classic and chic. Can be worn for a night out or just to raise some temperatures! Either way they make you feel fabulous!

Very Cute Shoes! Check - http://www.trashy.com/ (amazing collection of naughty things on this site!)

Bra and panty sets are sexy girls favorite lingerie. Bra and panty sets make a sexy girl feel like she is fully dressed, put together, feminine and complete in her wardrobe just in case she has to reveal what sexy underwear she is wearing.

What sissy girl can resist the allure of a matching bra and panty set with the bra and panty being in the same color, style and fabric as the panty. Girls love to coordinate and men are glad they do as there isn't much sexier than a bra or panty set that is coordinated. www.flirtylingerie.com

For when you are feeling Extra super naughty!

More amazing outfits from - http://www.trashy.com/

OMG! All these outfits are just sooo girly feminine and you just feel amazingly naughty whilst wearing them!

So that's all from me for now! Have a very very Merry Christmas everyone! Be safe and enjoy yourselves, do not do anything I wouldn't ! ;)   lauren x

21 Dec 2010

The sissy female orgasm! Have you even got close to it?!

Hello again everybody! It has been oh so very hot in South Africa! The hot summer weather really does make a girl feel horny! Especially while mincing around in super cute bikinis and very light n sexy lingerie.

I love taking out my favorite dildo and getting in a very girlie girl mood, teasing my self with that cock till I am begging for it inside me. Then the deep satisfying feeling of being entered and penetrated. Feeling that cock move in and out. Feeling the overwhelming sensation of femininity, the unbelievable, delicious but sometimes humiliating sensation of an orgasm building just with the experience of cock inside me. With some very girly thoughts and a little nipple play it all leads to an almost indescribable sensation of what must be close to a feminine orgasm. All this can be achieved without touching your clitty and just with the feeling of penetration.

(Some say with the right state of mind you can come just from nipple stimulation alone, i am yet to experience this but wow, what a yummy girly feeling that must be. Nipple play is already very arousing, combined with penetration just mind blowing, but cumming from that alone? I think that is just an arousing image in itself!)

There is no ejaculation when cumming like a girl but instead a deep inside emotion of intense pleasure and a sexual relief that can make you scream out loud, biting your lip uncontrollably. It really is a short period of the most intense feeling (you do not know what to do with yourself!) all the while just losing all self control.

The amazing thing is that you can repeat this feeling over and over until you simply just can not take it anymore. Experience multiple orgasms in quick succession. I do not think you can have a more feminine sexual response then cumming from penetration alone and having multiple orgasms. Just imagine how pleasurable this must feel for a guy fucking you as you spasm around his cock, cumming hard over and over, milking him inside you until he just has to explode. WOW! I count myself very lucky that I can achieve almost female orgasms, it has pretty much replaced my entire sexuality and I have nearly reached my goal of re-programming my sexually. I have to say its both addictive and once experienced nothing compares to it!

Describing the actual experience of a female orgasm is a little bit like describing the taste of salt to someone who has never tasted salt---only much, much harder! Especially when describing what a woman's experience of orgasm must be like. All I know is from my own experience that each orgasm achieved as a sissy girl is very different, very emotional and very delicious!

There are so many factors that come into play (no pun intended) while trying to achieve the female sensation of sexual climax. Some of these factors are:
  • The level of your physical arousability.
  • The level of your mental/emotional and physical excitement
  • The amount and quality of mental/emotional stimulation and the amount and quality of the physical stimulation you receive.
  • Your level of confidence/comfort with emotional/physical surrender during this very feminine sexual activity. You need to relax, be comfortable and immerse yourself in the role of a very cute girl who surrenders to her new sexual role. This takes practise and time, but is so worth it!
The actual experience of what a female orgasm must feel like can not be adequately described in just physical terms of release, muscle tension, muscle spasms in the genital and anal regions, increased heart and breathing rate, and in some cases ejaculation! The intense feelings of pleasure and emotion are key components of the sissy orgasmic experience-if not the defining element of a sexual climax. Your female orgasm cums mostly from the mind as this is one of the most powerful sexual organs! You have to be the cute girl, imagine your beautiful little pussy is becoming wet, relish the penetration, yield to the fact you love to cum this way. It goes against everything you have learnt as a male You have to be in the right complete girly, feminine mind set.

You can add to this mindset by making sure you are properly attired as a girl. Shaved silky smooth, smelling sweet just like a girl. Paint your nails so they are extremely pretty. Wear the cutest girly lingerie. Apply some light make-up. Wear some very nice, super feminine high heels to brace against as you buck and grind on the instrument of your intense pleasure.

I have read alot of descriptions from Women of what it feels like for them as they climax. As I read more and more i definitely have had many of the same experiences!

Here are some of the best descriptions by women of their experience of orgasm:
"it is like that feeling when you ride a roller coaster all the way to the top and when you go over the top, that intense feeling you get in your stomach is what you feel, only it starts in your vagina and goes all the way down to your toes and back up to your head",
"It feels like a combination of having to pee followed by an intense need to scream out loud because of the pleasure and then a lot of little explosions",

"Orgasm is like someone is tickling me lightly with a feather... Softly and slowly at first... then going faster and faster...until its just right... then my whole body is tingling...then its like something just pops...like a warm water balloon bursts inside me and its all warm inside and I feel the warmth running down in trickles...like a small warm waterfall...and I feel like I just climbed up that warm waterfall...and I'm left breathless...tingly and warm...like I just got out of a hot sauna.... hot... sticky, wet and breathless.",

"For me, it feels like I'm being tickled around my waist and inner thighs, all over that area, then it builds up and I can feel it, it's like everything rushes to that area, then explodes, sending feel good sensations down my legs to my toes, up my stomach and breasts, through my arms. It even feels good when it's over...because I feel like I just finished a workout but want more, so much more, and it's like I can feel those sensations fade which is amazing.",

"It depends on the orgasm of course, sometimes I have the itty bitty little one that feels all right. Then I have the ones where my insides are on fire and it starts up my legs then goes into my groin, then it's all just a big explosion of holy **** and I close my eyes tight and see many colors and then I start tingling behind my knees and twitching. Then I remember to breathe and open my eyes. I look into my partner's eyes and say "wow".
As these shared experiences demonstrate, each female orgasm is very different. Some may come as small intense ripples of pleasure while others can come as a massive wave of overwhelming pleasure. All I know is that it is way more intense then experienced as a man. Some will go deep into your soul filling you with incredible pleasure and powerful bonding emotions to your dildo or lover. While others will just be a pleasurable release of sexual tension. But each is special, magical, yours to enjoy; alone or with someone special.

Being a sissy girl is not just about what you wear and what you look like but a whole state of mind. This includes emotionally, sexually and your personality. Above all just enjoy yourself, be free and be the sissy girl you really want to be.

I have probably mentioned this before, but if you would like to condition yourself like I have described above one of the best toys you could ever invest in is the Aneros. I am in no way affiliated with this product but WOW! The website is www.aneros.com

If anyone has not already you should definitely try the aneros:(http://www.aneros.com)

This little toy really changed my life! I bought one about 18 months ago and since having it have not cum like a boy since. It induces intense prostate and anal orgasms that after practise turn into multiple orgasms just like a real girl!

I trained my self to cum with just penetration alone with this toy then moved on to dildo's. Now I can can cum hard, hands free while riding a dildo. So now this is the only way i get any sexual relief. Its super satisfying and cumming this way is way more powerful and emotional. An extremely feminine feeling. Its strange how you can re-programme you brain this way. Now just looking at a good hard dildo or cock makes me a little horny. I know how good it feels inside. You will literally (or i do!) leak into you panties
causing you to become "wet" almost as if you are a real girl. The feeling as it first slides slowly inside is amazing.

Now the only way i cum, is in this way. Dripping into my panties, impaled on cock, screaming my lovers name. Super humiliating, emotional and very girly.

Speak soon -- love lauren x

8 Dec 2010

New Sissy Portal Website Underway!

Hi, again well I am excited to say work has begun on the New Sissy Portal Website, I have already begun work on all the technical design/coding and had some guys in India working on a Template system.

We already have some working prototypes up and running and will be hosting a beta version to a select few admins to test in the very near future. So now we need content! Lots of rich, exciting, sissy content! I need site admins and contributors! Contact me if you want to be a part of this.

I MUST STRESS THIS WEBSITE WILL BE FREE! I have already arranged hosting on my servers in Texas, USA and they are state of the art and very fast. The holding page is already up! http://www.sissysocial.co.cc

The site will offer many premium services for nothing as I have negotiated a brilliant hosting deal with some existing clients of mine. So imagine no limitations on video or pictures and super fast chat systems!

You can also email me at a new address lauren@sissysocial.co.cc

And please follow progress on the twitter account!

Some screen shots of the prototypes will follow shortly, anyway posts as normal soon! lauren xx

2 Dec 2010

The dildo, definately a girls best friend! Preperation for the real thing.

Hmm, Hello again.. Seem to be going through a very feminine, horny and lustful stage at the moment. Just can't get enough of the girlie girl lifestyle and the many many pleasures that "comes" with it!

I loved my last comment left on my blog - "I really hope you post a video of yourself having an orgasm with a cute dildo inside yourself ",, hmmmm - this is something i will definitely consider as cumming this way is second nature. It also occurred to me just how many dildo's i own now, realistic ones, vibrating ones, ejaculating ones, massive porn star replicas, pink ones and just plain cute n girly.

Super cute dildo!

Its just not enough to be having penetrative sex with phallic objects exclusively just like a real girl, lets make an extra humiliating dimension. Let's make sure that i use alot of the most cute as can be, extra girly girly, dildo's with pretty patterns and pretty colours. Cum as a girl with ohhh so cutest phallic objects. It's only right, a very cute pretty girl, cumming in such a pretty fashion ,with just a ooooooh sooo cutie pie dildo! As girly as can be!

Lets get down to the basics of the dildo.

Lets face it, if you have tried it you will know a dildo packs an incredible sexually feminine satisfying feeling!
It has the direct representation of cock and replicates a good deal of the amazing sensation of being penetrated and submitting to penetration. A dildo is the perfect sex toy to have at anytime you feel like a bit of naughty girly delight (which is very often!).

The first and most important factor in a pleasurable girly girl experience with your dildo is proper lubrication. Always use a personal lubricant with your dildo for super comfort, the sensation of being extra wet and having that slippery feel. The perfect state to receive cock. Practising now will go a massive way to preparing you for the real thing. You want to keep a tiny amount of friction between the dildo and your skin to get the full and real sense of being penetrated just as a girl. However, the major reason anybody may not enjoy their sessions with dildo sex toys is because they did not use enougth lubricant! So get yourself nice and WET! Just like a proper horny little girl.

Ohh yeah, little tip! Make sure your the lubricant you use is water based! Silicone based lubricant will ruin some dildos, and petroleum lubricant will ruin virtually any dildo toy material. Take care of your dildo's, cherish your dildo's, you love your dildo's! x

There are loads of different types of dildo's, so what does a sissy girl girly look or go for? So much choice that we really are very spoiled and lucky girls. All available on the Internet. For the extra humiliation factor, your mistress may take you dildo shopping in person for your first girly best friend. There will be no mistake it is for you and you will have soo much help from all the cute sales assistants. You will benefit greatly from their experience if only you can contain the humiliation as they pick the perfect replica cock for you.

Realistic dildos

So top of the very exciting list! Realistic dildo's are made to resemble a real penis with a solid feel with veins and a realistic probing penis head. In my humble girly opinion, the Cyberskin dildo feels exactly like a real penis, down to every little detail, even the bulges of the veins. The Cyberskin dildo is probably one of  the most realistic dildo's currently on the market. And you do want your experience to feel realistic! Oh my yess!

Realistic dildos add a serious touch of realism to your pleasure, The realistic dildo is the perfect replacement for the penis! Also very great if you are still a quivering little virgin and you are curious to know what a real penis feels like without losing your virginity, maybe just yet. A taster for the delicious real thing. The realistic dildo is also perfect if you do not yet have a man, your dildo will never get soft and never say no! Once you start to really enjoy cock there is really never going back!

Hey, you could consider a double dildo!

Not just for sissy porn movies stars and lesbian sissy girls. The double dildo is a good, super humiliating, girly, thrilling choice. Soo big, long and intimidating! Go for a super girly pink colour.

 Many of them are flexible and the super length of 12 or 18 inches! This assures you wont lose your grip while in the throws of passion and makes for easier handling without having to bend over! Imagine the positions you could try out with this new instrument of pleasure. This dildo is especially recommended if you like it rougth sometimes. As a sissy girly girl you like to enjoy deep or forceful penetration, this dildo will give you exactly that.  Hmmmmm.

The Jelly Dildo 

They are slick and slippery just like your quivering little pussy. A much different sensation to the solid feeling of a realistic dildo deep inside you. If you crave or enjoy the feeling of being 'totally filled up' or a squishy, very girly wet and soft feeling, you are going to love the jelly dildo, it will be perfect for you! Jelly dildos conform to your feminine body's contours so you can thrust away as hard as you like, screaming your little girly heart out without any discomfort, just pure submission pleasure! You know you want to try it, don't you you naughty girl! Give it all up and lose yourself to cock, even if it is just fake at the moment!  

Suction cup bases

Some dildos come with suction cup bases. Super amazing idea! These are seriously versatile dildos! The possibilities are endless. You can stick it to a tabletop, or on a wall, a mirror and enact your most indulgent, girly girl favorite fantasy, and 'your man, hehe' will never go soft, ohh no, on and on until your begging for mercy. Knees buckling, giving way to the cock you are tightly accommodating! Call it 'super girly girl,prop and play' when you stick the dildo on the floor and lower yourself gently, ride it cow girl style! Close your eyes and get lost in a serious female sexual fantasy. You'll never know how great this can be until you've tried it!
The beauty is most suction cup bases are also harness compatible for extra fun. You can attach them to a strap on harness, maybe your mistress may have some use for that? He he.

Why strap-ons are such a turn on for a girly girl sissy?

Although you can use your regular dildo's for fun girly, sissy and feminine sex. Strap-on sex offers you a completely different experience in many ways; this coupling  is said to develop a unique erotic connection between you and your penetrator definitely preparing you for the real experience. Your mistress may want to only have sex this way, making you back on to it over and over again, making you beg to have it inside you. The very quantifiable advantage of using a strap-on is that:

  • It frees your hands to be used in other sensual ways
  • You can use your hips just like a girl for greater leverage and a more deep, intense sexual experience
  • You can really take on the role of a bitch on heat, riding that cock to heaven.
  • It provides a unique visual treat that makes sissy girls get super moist, horny and excited.
  • Some Mistress's enjoy wearing the harnesses alone to raise their erotic temperature, increase their sexual dominance and enforce the humiliating idea that you love taking it just like a girl.
  • It helps deepen couple intimacy as well as encourage more and more sissy conditioning , sexual experimentation and sexual communication. Tell her what you love and beg for it!

She knows exactly what you are and shows you exactly who is the more sexually dominant. You were born to take it like a girl from a girl, hehe.

Sexual Intercourse with your dildo. Maybe your a beginner? Tips on Losing Your Virginity.

So lets find out find out what "losing your girly virginity "means. Well before we go any further, if you don`t already know then maybe you`re not ready for losing yours just yet, even if it is just with a dildo. Losing your virginity as a girl is not a matter to be taken lightly. It is a major decision to have you`re sissy girl hymen broken through sexual intercourse. Don`t know what the "hymen" is, this then proves you are definitely not ready for sex and you need to do some serious sissy research. You need to be aware of the mechanics of the female body before even considering sex as a girl. You need to know what is happening and understand why those so called very girly happenings, happen!

What does losing your sissy girl virginity mean?

I pray, before an explanation is given, you know what a virgin is! Okay, for those in the know, this may well sound a stupid question but nevertheless, one that has to be asked - because surprisingly there are sissy girls who just don`t know! Technically speaking; you are a sissy virgin until you've had sexual intercourse. In other words you are a virgin until you have had a cock inside you, both real or fake.

Although sissy virgins qualify for having a white wedding (you would love that, i know i would!) - things have changed. The typical explanation of virginity lets you get away with a lot. For example: having lots of different kinds of sissy sex and still hold title of a girly virgin. One significant aspect of what does "losing your virginity" mean is, what it actually means to you?  Is losing your virginity a state of mind issue or a specific act? Is it something forced from you by your mistress or master, or does it only count if you gladly allow it to go, or when to expect the fumbling and fiddling to end and proper girly "sexual intercourse" take place?

What is the sissy girl hymen? (some female science!)

When a female fetus is growing during pregnancy, the internal reproductive organs and vagina grows unconnected from external reproductive organs. The female vagina begins as a solid cord running from the body wall to the uterus. Between the fifth and seventh months of fetus growth, the cord gradually hollows out and forms into a tube. At this time there is no opening to the exterior of the body - it ends at the body wall. Lastly the wall disintegrates at the point where the vagina meets it and an opening forms in the body wall, and becomes the vaginal orifice. The female hymen is whatever remains of the body wall that clings to the inside of the vagina aperture after the opening shapes. Sometimes references are not nice sounding but it is the "scraps of flesh" that is for separating the internal genitals from the external ones before the vagina had an opening. The opening(s) in the core of the hymen are the entrance to the vagina. Science lesson over!

The hymen can tear or break from other things and other very girl activities, like horse riding or other strenuous exertions, . Losing your girly virginity this way is not really seen as the natural act of what losing your virginity means. Sexual intercourse with a man is what takes away the virginal appraisal. Not all hymens are sensitive and are more durable allowing fingers, tampons and the male penis to enter without damage.

Cute, smooth, girly girl, moist and now ready for cock.

Losing your sissy girl virginity changes your life forever, once you have lost it, there is no way of finding it again, you just become more and more of a girl. You will crave cock more and more. You cannot get your virginity back!
Alright your ready for action, and your sissy cherry is ready for popping, your dildo will prepare and aid this greatly. Before reading the pointers below think all things girls have to consider ,contraception (birth control - condoms : )

  • Make sure losing your sissy virginity is what you really want and with who you want to lose it too!
  • This is a time forever remembered, readiness will the make the moment a pleasing one. The start of a beautiful relationship with cock.
  • Learn about your sissy and very girly body. Feel it, touch it, and be intimate with yourself. Masturbation encouragement is not my purpose, but it is a way of finding out about your new sensitive girly body parts. You will learn particular likings of particular doings that will drive you wild. 
  • If this is your first sexual experience and with a real man, he could make you pregnant, or infected by a sexually-transmitted disease. Plan for this event. Have contraceptives and plenty of lubricants handy. Girly music can calm fear or make the mood relaxing. Sexual intercourse should take place in an ideal environment. Enjoy your sex without having to jump at every sound.
  • For the actual transaction, take your time finding out about your man with kissing/cuddling. Less pressure and alot more pleasure. If more particular parts of your girly sissy body moisten through foreplay, the better. Being nervous may make your sissy pussy longer to get nice and wet. Lubricating the condom/pussy will help with penis penetration. 
  • Avoid jerking thrusts because right now the sissy pussy has not adjusted to penis size. Nice and slow. First time sex can cause discomfort, humiliation and embarrassment (depending on individuals) but can also be mind blowing.
  • First time girly sex may not last long. Sissy sex not only gets better over time but gets way more satisfying too, that's why everyone is doing it, girly orgasms just rock!
Don't be frustrated if sissy sexual intercourse is not at first what you expected it to be. Are you really in a position to make judgment on expectancy, with this being so very new to you? Take what cums (excuse the pun!) and learn from it. Develop and soon you will be the cock loving little girly girl you always knew you would become.

The final note about how to use a dildo and prepare for the real thing: it's really up to your wild girl imagination! Lock the door, don't be shy and explore your female sexuality and let your inhibitions go!

Some very cute and pretty dildo's that i own, i love them so much....

This dildo is remarkably smooth and girly feeling, even though it has nubs for texture. You can feel the nubs while using this , but it is not anything overwhelming or unmanageable for those who are unfamiliar with texture or dislike it. It is very subtle. I always feel like comparing glass to liquid, which is weird because their states of matter are completely different, but this feels like it glides in so smoothly and- fits. It is straight, so there is less worry about it catching on your pubic bone and bruising/hurting you. This feels extra nice when thrusted. The friction is minimal when you use lube, and you can use any type you want since this is made of glass. The nubs provide minimal and teasing stimulation! Perfect girly girl accessory!

Another great dildo from the Don Wands line of borosilicate, (better known as Pyrex) glass pleasure tools, the Red Hearts Rocket is a classically designed, deliciously smooth very girly dildo with a pattern of raised red hearts down the shaft. The base is flat, so it's able to stand on its own, and it's wide enough to make the Hearts a good choice for anal play. It's as fun to look at as it is to use, the hearts provide lots of stimulation against the walls of your sissy vagina pussy!  Glass has so many benefits that beat out other materials in the industry. The slick, smooth texture, and pleasurable weighty feel of glass is only a start. Safety is high on many toy users list of priorities, and Pyrex glass is one of the most body friendly materials available. Glass is also highly sensitive to temperature. Your pleasure tool will warm naturally with use, but you can increase sensation by soaking it in very warm or very cool water to create exciting variations of temperature. Another benefit of this material is it's versatility in terms of lube. You can use anything you like as a lubricant, your favorite water, oil, or silicone based lube is compatible with the non-pours surface that won't degrade. You'll find that a little lube will go a very long way with glass toys.  A thick, plushy pouch with a drawstring is included with your Helix, keeping it safe and secure during storage and travel. These toys are so pretty, and no two are exactly alike, so your Don Wand really is a collectors item of sorts. Discover a whole new level of sissy pleasure with glass.

Bet you would love one of these! I just love being girly, speak soon lauren xx

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