13 Apr 2010

Training your sissy pussy to be ultra senstive for cock

The goal is to have a pretty pink Girly pussy gaping and gasping for cock, be just like her below, built for cock. I need to train my pussy to ache for cock. When I finally get it, my pussy quivers and spasms clamping the cock giving me no choice but to cum hard around it. Milking it hard with my pussy, making it splash cum inside me. The ultimate in girly sensation. Getting excited just at the thought of cock.
To be an ultimate Girly Girl, I need to completley change my sexual preference from women to men. Instead of wanting pussy, I must understand that I am now the pussy. I am not the penetrator but the penetratee.

I have accepted long ago that I no longer have a cock,, but that does not mean I am no longer a sexual being. If I want to be a true girly girl and still be sexual then of course I have no choice but to fully embrace penetrative sex and make it as fully satisfying as possible.

I am now at a stage where my pussy is super sensative for cock. It does indeed ache for cock to be inside it and I associate climax with being penetrated. Infact this is the only way I cum now. I become excited just at the thought of cock, to the point where I make my panties wet just by seeing cock. The moment it first slides into me is of pure lustful pleasure. It is surley only a matter of time before I lose my virginity to a real man now.

But how have I done this?? Read on and I will share this with you!!

The first thing to do is read my earlier posts and forget that your cock even exists. First you can learn to masturbate like a girl, just by stroking and caressing with one finger only. Never stroke it like a boy again. Each time you masturbate you should always have a cock shaped object deep in your pussy. Soon you will forget what it is like to climax with out something in your pussy. You will learn to associate cumming with your pussy gripping cock. This is the first step into wanting to use your pussy more and more.

It will soon be time to learn how to cum from penetration alone, just like a real girl does. Learn to have multiple orgasms one after the other as that cock pulses inside you. This will become so real that you will only want cock inside you when you think of sex. You have to touch nothing else. Cock alone inside you will make you climax hard. To do this you must make your pussy hyper sensative for cock!

One way to do this is to awaken your G spot (Prostate). This is your new primary sexual organ located deep inside your new pussy. Once awakened, the feeling of cock rubbing over it will be enougth to make you climax over and over. Just like a girl you will not ejaculate, but have toe curling orgasms which radiate all over your body making you pant and scream like a girl. Afterwards you will be emotional and just want to cuddle like a little girly girl.

 One of the best tools to use to acheive this new sexual experience as a complete Girly girly sassy sissy is the aneros. Get yourself one, it will be the best sissy present you ever bought. Go to THIS SITE for the range and basic instructions of how to use it. It will take time to awaken your new G-spot but once you feel it, the only time you will ever touch your now useless clit, is to wash it. Never for sexual releif, that will all come from your girl side now.

Practise in as many submissive sexual positions as possible. Put yourself in the most humiliating girly sex postitions with the arenos inserted firmly in you quivering little pussy. Soon you will feel the climax build from deep within, hands free from penetration alone. Just like a sassy sissy should feel it. Just like a girl experiences it. When you have awakened your G-spot then it is time to move on to realistic dildos, thick and ready to pound you. You will be able to ride cock hard, feeling it sliding over your new sensitive spot, making you cum sooo hard just like a girl. No more ejaculating, if your lucky you will dripple into your panties giving you the delicious sensation of being wet.

Remember, if you want to be a true girly girl cock sex minx, your sex life from now on should be exactly like a girl. That means taking a thick throbbing cock often and cumming at the thought of it.. Enjoy xx

Wow, So Sissy Sassy Girlie, Just like her

This is my ultimate goal,,,,

  I want her very cute girly panties with a hint of pink. Cotton and delicious, ready to be peeled off to expose a gorgeous little pink cute pussy. Pert little breasts for my man to cum all over. Soft girly thighs to wrap around my man as he penetrates me deeply. All dressed in pink and white, lusting for cock. Getting into the most girly positions to invite my man to make me complete. wow!!!!! I have to be her!!!

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