23 Apr 2011

The Pleasures of cock, taking it just like a girl.

I was thinking to myself the other night as i lay back and spread my very soft n cute girl legs (about to take yet another delicious cock inside me) wow i soooo love this.

I so love being a girl in every senerio. Especially when it means being super cute for you man and making his cock twitch. He wants you and that makes you feel good.

Getting all dressed up, super cute for my man.

The whole preperation of being a cute sissy ultimatley leads to penetration. Its a pure natural progression. Even if you definately never imagine it. Curiosity gets the better of you. After all, as your explore more and more of you feminine side, quite understanderbly you want to go further and further into the whole realm of being a woman.

Girls get penetrated and they genuinely love it. To complete the feeling of true femininity you have to experience this sensation, you need to feel what it may be like to experience everything as a girl.

It becomes adictive. Soon you are shaving extra smooth everday because the feeling of being fucked while totally silky smooth just feels mind shattering. You dress up more and more in super cute "take me to bed" outfits. Lingerie, cute dresses, stockings, you aquire every article that a proper little temptress should own.

Fantasys begin to take over, it begins slowly but you take it like a girl in every position, dress for sex and before you know, actually start to get turned on by cock. You enhance the senerio even more with expensive nail polish, pretty painted extensions on your hands. Sometimes I paint my fingernails with very cute patterns.

Perfume, strappy shoes, in my case super cute tattoos! It all goes to make that sensation of being the girl in the bedroom to new levels. All the while without you really knowing or understanding it, cock becomes addictive and pleasurable. It feels good inside you, it drives feelings you never knew could exist.

So i guess i am probably at this stage, not really sure how i got here, but its been a super fun journey. I guess it must be over 17 months since I have cum even remotley like a guy! Now its purely penetartion and now and again, slight rubbing of my clit. But everytime i cum it's always with a cock inside me, either real of fake. Do I miss being a guy? I can honestly say that i have never looked back.

It goes further and further towards complete woman hood! I am on a course of hormones now. I will not go into specifics but I do have medical supervision. I can not wait to feel and see the effects. It will take a few months but i will see changes slowly but surely.

I want gorgeous breasts, the classic hour glass shape, wide hips, narrow waist. Slender arms, slender legs. Take on a body to die for. Hmmm, guess i am dreaming a little bit. But i am getting closer to that dream.

I want to be kept by a man and satisfied by a man as i take care of his cock for him everyday. Always being as cute, girly and submissiive as can be.

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