16 Mar 2010

Sissy Assignment - Cream That Sissy Girlie Ass Pussy!

I always love assignments that are totally humiliating, that make me feel so very girlie and naughty. This assignments had me hot and bothered in no time! I will always try to share any good assignments I find. I only will post an assignment here once I have completed it myself, and you really need to try this! The feeling of cum inside you is divine.

The Assignment

Want a creamy ass pussy?  Of course you do.  You are a sissy.  You wish you had a real pussy - tight and wet - but you don't.  You just have a ridiculous sissy ass pussy.  Does a real man think about getting his ass creamed?  Not quite.  But you will never be a real man.  You will never be a girl either.  That is why you are here.  You are stuck somewhere in the middle.  Someplace where the dividing lines between genders blur.  You are neither man nor woman, boy nor girl. 

In order to make you feel gurlier and sissier, you need to feel what it is like to have a pussy full of man cream.  Unfortunately, you are not a real man, so you will have to use sissy cream.  For this assignment you will need something to pump your pussy full of cum.  If you have an eye dropper, oral syringe or turkey baster, you can use any one of those.  If not, take a trip to the drug store and buy one.  You are also going to need a butt plug.  We can't have all that lovely cream dripping right back out of your ass pussy, now can we?  Finally, you need a pair of panties.

Since you need a load of your sissy slime, you may pinch and wank your little dicklet while you decide how to prepare for your assignment.  If you don't have panties and a butt plug, shame on you!  Go to the adult toy store and buy them.  These are basic sissy toys.  Every sissy must have them.  As you pinch and wank, think about how much I own you.  Think about the things you are doing for Me.  Think of how completely emasculated you are becuming.  Once you spew your goo, save it until you can complete this assignment.  Just make sure it is at room temperature when you are ready.


All ready to play sissy boi?  Has your icky dicky been leaking while you were purchasing or gathering you items?  Good!  What a sissy bitch you are.  I know how much you are craving having a wet, slimey, cum filled pussy.  Strip naked for Me like a good gurl.  Stand in front of a mirror and look at yourself.  How did you get here?  How did all essence of masculinity slip away from you?  How did you becum emasculated enough to get hard as a rock (or a pebble) over thinking about pumping cum up your ass?

Does that get you even harder?  Thinking about how humiliated you are?  Hehe.  While you are still in front of your mirror, get your cum pumper ready.  Fill up whichever device you are using with your sissy juice and use some of it to lube up the end.  Make sure that your plug is ready as well.  Lube it up very well.  I want you to squish.

When you are all ready, watch yourself in the mirror as you push the cum pumper into your sissy pussy.  Still think you might be a real man?  Look at yourself.  Definitely not!  Think about how much you wish it was a cock getting ready to fuck you.  Think about how much you want a squishy cum filled pussy.  Then pump your slimy load into your ass.  Make sure you pump it all in.  Don't lose a drop!  Then stuff the plug up your ass to keep it all inside you.  Slip on your panties and now you are ready to play.

Now you can feel what it is like to have a pussy filled with cum.  Mmmmm.  Imagine that you have just been fucked and that a nice big cock exploded in your fuck hole.  Mmmmmm.  What a whore!  Wiggle your ass and feel what it is like to have a slimy cum filled pussy.  Make sure that you prance around, wiggling and wanking so that you can really get a good feel for your wet hole.  Don't you wish you had a pussy that got wet just like a girl?  That way the cocks could tell how much you love and need to be fucked!  Too bad - you're just a sissy.  You only have an ass pussy fuck hole.

Make sure that you wank and wiggle for at least a half an hour with your slimy ass pussy.  Make sure that you feel all that cum slip sliding inside you.  When you are ready, you may do one of two things.  If you have a dildo, lay down and remove the plug.  Imagine that you are My cock whore.  You have already been fucked full of cum and now you are going to take another cock.  Fuck yourself with that dildo like the sissy whore you are.

If you don't have a dildo to play with, remove the plug, tighten up your gaping ass as much as possible and put your panties back in place.  Keep wanking and wiggling and let the cum start to drip out.  Dance and prance and let the yummy cummy ooze out of your pussy.  Is this what a girl feels like when cum drips out of her pussy?  Hehe.  Let the cum drip and ooze into your panties and down your legs.  What a slut.  What a cum whore.  What a sissy boi!

When you are completely humiliated, completely turned on and completely emasculated, you may squirt your sissy slime again.  Squirt it right into your panties.  Now you are wet in the front and in the back.  Keep them on for another half an hour like a sloppy, fucked, cum dripping whore!  Good gurl! 
y Assignment - Cream That Ass Pussy


  1. rather fuck your pussie it looks a lot nicer

  2. i think i wanna try this not sure tho

  3. Wow, what an Idea, I've wanted to drip cum from my sissy pussy for a long time. Thanks so much for the idea.

  4. what is that thing called? Ass pumper? I can't find it online ...

  5. There are "squirting dildos" that you can use to fuck you dark sissy hole, you can find the recipe for "fake cum" on the internet, just GOOGLE it.

  6. I'd love to lick the cream out of a sissy pussy

  7. love it...

    Now I'm hard and want to swallow my cum...



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