11 Jul 2011

SissySocial.Net - Re-Launched!


I have relaunched my website, sissy social, it has had some much needed updating and a fresh new look.

Please go check it out.. Speak soon, lauren xx

8 Jul 2011

Sorry I have been a little quiet of late!

Hello everyone!

Just want to say a big thank you to everyone that follows my blog and for your always kind comments.

It's a massive help to me on my journey to destination "cute girl!".

I know I haven't blogged much of late, this is due to massive changes to my life and body and the re-adjustment this has needed. I have been on hormones for a while now and this has made me extremely tired, emotional and the physical changes are now becoming apparent. I have totally forgotten what it was like to be a boy as i have embraced full femininity with a passion. Of course you will know this if you have read my blog!

I intend to blog about my experiences of late and how my complete sexual re-assignment is almost complete. I can not believe that, i have not cum as boy now for pushing 2 years.

In my mind, body and soul, I have completely reprogrammed myself regarding how I process pleasure, so that I will NEVER have a traditional male orgasm again > No more jerking off ever as a boy, I can't anyway as it no longer really functions that way. And that's the way I want it.

Firstly, I  forced my body to learn to have anal orgasms. This was the most important part, because I wanted to fully crave my dildo – so much so that when I see it, I get seriously aroused, my mouth waters, I ache to suck it. Because sucking it means lubing it up and preparing it for my little pink pussy. When I fucked myself hard, I would eventually cum. Every. Single. Time.

How long did this process take, and is it possible? Absolutely it is possible. The length of time depends on how devoted you are to the program and process. But first you have to learn to cum from milking, then from being fucked and penetrated hard. You need to be in chastity for at least 90 days, but probably 6 months is best. This is exactly what I did.

After 6 months of not cumming, but only being milked, you would find yourself close to orgasm the moment the long shaft of the dildo slides in between your cheeks. You will be so turned on that the explosion would be unavoidable! Your first orgasm from being fucked like this, just like a girl will  be absolutely life changing.
But it doesn’t stop there. Next, I wanted my body to be reprogrammed so that I can cum just by sucking cock. That’s right. A big, thick dildo in my mouth, sliding in and out, would eventually lead to orgasm. This can be acheived through behavior modification and a little bit of hypnosis, and it’s absolutely possible.

Imagine how it feels as a desperately horny slut, teased and denied for weeks, aching to have a cock in your mouth! You start to feel the orgasm well up inside you when the tip of the dildo touches your lips, and then the rest is just natural.

Anyway, getting slightly carried away as usual!

Expect plenty more, my site Sissy Social is undergoing a massive re-vamp at this time and this is taking quite alot of my attention amongst other things. Expect plenty more girly girl fun, very soon.

Just want to leave you with a picture, I love, love this Bra and Pantie set and the very cute look! I promise to post some very sexy pictures of me very soon.

lauren xx

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