31 Jul 2010

Penetration results and my new exclusive feminine sexual role.

Wow, been feeling so extra girly girl, super cute and horny this week. I have spent a fortune on new delicate pretty panties,lingerie, general outfits and now some super totaly girly exciting euipment to have some sluttish fun with. My little hands actualy trembled in pure girly girl sexual excitment when ordering this, i could hardly type my credit card number. This purchase is a direct result of my upcoming situation of only cumming through penetration for a starting period of 6 months. Had to have a few aids to experience things more and more like a girly girly begging for more cock.

Poll Results: 
i asked the question - Should i embrace chasity for 6 months and only cum from penetration?

Yes - definatly! - 86 votes(86%)                               - Clear Winner!
No - you will find it impossible! - 5 votes(5%)

My new poll is has indicating (very sweet of all of you to vote, blush) that i am to spend 6 months in chasity starting this Monday. With only my dildo collection or any type of cock object to have any relief. So i thought i would invest in some very naughty aids for this. What with my new very girly tatto (which has me super wet everytime i get a flash of it), upcoming chasity, sex toy purchases and some new gorgeous girly girl feminine attire, i am just slipping more and more into being a girly girl.......

So any way - purchase one; (very extravagant, but wow!)

The Power Box Fucking Machine
 This machine is going to me drive wild with lust for cock. imagine the possabilities and postitons and situations i can now expereince just like a girly girl on heat.

A few outfits I have bought latley, been an expensive month but, so totaly worth it!

 I can not wait to model in these outfits, especially with my new tattoo,, pics soon and update soon,, lauren xx

OMG, preview of my new very girly tattoo. Marked as a Girl forever!

I have been feeling so sweet and girly this week. I have bottled out of having my new very girly tattoo twice already, but finaly plucked up the courage to get it done on Wednesday.

I so wanted to get this tattoo. Latley i have just become more and more of a girly girly. Sunk so deep into being a sissy girl, into pure femininity, i love it. i so badly want to be a girl. I now pretty much expereince everything as a girl and wanted to a pretty marking to just prove to myself that i want to go further.

I got up Wednesday morning and had a fresh shave, so i was extra sissy girly smooth for my appointment. I choose some very pretty panties and matching bra, both light pink with blue lace trim. The feel as usual against my extra smooth skin was simply a melting feeling. I wanted to just get my dildo collection out there and then and ride some delicious hard cock, but i needed to put on some very light makeup and be on my way.

The guy at the parlour was pretty cool, sure i got some weird looks and a few smirks but we worked on my final design and i was so wet whilst doing it. I was really impressed with his ideas and the result is just deliciously girly. It took just over 2 hours to ink and the entire time i had major butterflies and felt completly horny. Can not believe i went through with it. My new girly heart tattoo is going to look so super cute with all of my very girl lingerie. I have taken a few photos for you to see. I plan to take alot more pics of my tattoo in different super cute, super hot, super girl outfits in some very feminine poses. i can not wait ;) . I so love being a girly girl,, lauren xx

23 Jul 2010

10 Important things to acheive as a sissy girly girl - part 1.

Being a very sassy, sissy, girly girl is many things. It is high maintinence, expensive, fun but ultimately you get to experience the most mind blowing girly things. I decided to make a list of all the things i have or really want to experience exactly as a girl. Not just any girl but a super horny, cute, sassy, ever so girly girl, sissy. Some are fantasies, some are currently reality. Here are 10 things that are uniquely feminine in experience and every serious sissy girl should try.

No.1 - Being super baby girl smooth all over.  - of course this is reality! :)

Shaving is a very important aspect of being a sissy girl and becoming just like a girl. Girls are smooth and silky. The only hair they have is on their head. This is now the same for me as a very sassy sissy girl. As a sissy girl, it is vital to shave on a regular basis and use lotion to soften and feminize my skin. To be a proper girly girl means being extra smooth and baby soft all over and i make sure this is the case at all times. i Invest in feminine sweet smelling products to make my shaving experience even more feminine. Of course i only only use feminine razors and hair removal products. The more girly the better.

Super girly smooth. I love being this smooth and strive for the girly look above. Panties and lingerie feel so naughty and exquisite over smooth silky skin. Stockings feel so cute and sassy as i pull them up my smooth legs and then the hems hug my girly thighs making me melt into femininity. I love putting on white and pink cotton panties over freshly shaven, lotion ed super smooth skin. The mere touch makes me becum moist and eager for penetration. I almost have a hair trigger with my girly panties and freshly shaven girly skin.

To be closer to being a girl i must always be baby smooth, the ritual is girly, the look is very feminine and the sensation is pure girl. Being always smooth  always reminds me that i am a sissy girly girl. i have learnt to hate being anything else but slippery smooth. Of course there is one area apart from my head that is acceptable to have hair as a girl. Girls often have very cute pubic hair designs. As a sissy girl i should have one to. Sometimes a cute little triangle or landing strip but my favorite is a little died pink or red heart. Either way my clitty should be either baby smooth or have an extremely pretty feminine pubic hair design that screams "I'm a girly girl!". 

No.2 - Give a messy handjob - So far just a fantasy :(

Girls like men. Girls are sexually active with men. i am a sissy girl so therefore i must and want to experience everything exactly like a girl. This includes learning to like, even crave only what men can give me. Girls are fascinated with cocks and now as a sissy girl i am also fascinated by cocks. It has cum to the point where just looking at them makes me horny. They are rapidly becuming the object of all my sexual satisfaction and new girly fantasies. i want to play with them, taste them, lick them and feel them deep inside me. Just like a girl i see a good firm hard cock as an object of lust. It represents sexual excitement for me.

One of the most basic ways to pleasure a man is to give him a handjob.To wrap my pretty smooth hands with pretty pink painted nails around his big hard cock. To look him in the eye as i tease the head then move my hand up and down, up and down.making him harder and harder. When more experienced i will learn this is a good way to prepare him to enter me but for now i should just focus on making a man cum with my pretty hands as a girl and learn to love it. Just the act of pleasuring a man sexually should scream to me that i am no longer any form of a man but a deeply committed sissy girly girl. Hearing him moan as i continue to stroke him closer and closer to an ultimately humiliating yet very sexually exciting prize.

The prize of making him cum hard. Making him shoot his creamy load all over my pretty hands or what ever other body part he would like to cum over. Surely the most delicious, girly, submissive way, is to jerk him off all over my painted face. It must be amazing to bring a man to orgasm this way. Giving a hand job is an extremely girly sexual act and will prepare me to be even more intimate with cock than i thought possible. After seeing him shoot like that i am soon going to want to experience that same sensation when he finally one day, cums hard inside me. The ultimate in feminine acts.

No.3 - Give a sloppy Blowjob - so far just a fantasy :(

One of the most girly sexual things i can think of (apart from penetration) is to give a real man a very sensual and satisfying sloppy blowjob. To coax his cum out with my lips and mouth is an ultimate submissive girly sexual act. Every serious sissy girl should aim to experience this, me included.

As a sissy girly girl i should make imaginative use of my tongue, lips, hands, and fingers in giving sissy blow jobs. i do gain a great deal of practice by using dildo's, espeically realistic ones that feel real to the touch.
Providing the greatest pleasure has to be my main priority. i think the best way to do this is to kneel between my Mans legs as this allows me to have full control and puts me in a submissive position as i look up into my lovers eyes.

i can then slowly lick and suck his beautiful cock and instrument of all my sexual pleasure to a slowly building climax. It must be amazing to feel his cock stiffen and pulse in you mouth as i tease the rim with my tounge. To make the act even more girly and humiliating i would pull his cock out of my mouth and tap it on my cheek a few times before putting it back in. Hmmm ,, wow. maybe tap it on my tounge just like the porn stars.

Of course the final act would be him shooting his load. Of course he must cum down my throat. The feel of his cum splashing on the back of my throat as he cums, feeling his cock become extra hard and then pulse before tasting his delicious cum. Every sissy girl should bring a cock to climaz with their mouth then enjoy the humiliating reward of hot, thick sticky cum in their throat and dribbling out of their mouth. This is an experience i simply must enjoy and want to enjoy as a sissy girly girl.

No.4 - Experience a Sissy girly period - of course this is a reality! :)

One very uniquely feminine experience is enduring a period every month. As a sissy girl and girl in training it is vital that i also now experience the same thing.

I really like sissy Dollyanne's theory and do roughly follow it (sissydollyanne.blogspot.com).i believe that sissiy girls should simulate and follow a girl's menstrual cycle. i therefore base my period / cum cycle on the menstrual cycle starting at the first of the month as follows:

Days 1-7: This is a girl's menstruation period--No sex and no cum allowed during this week! A typical girl's period is 3-5 days, but can be up to 6, sometimes 7 days. Sissy girl girls in training should assume a full period of at least 7 days to understand what girl's must go through. Sissy girls should wear a tampon or pad in their panties, or both to stem the flow. Sissy girls must buy these themselves of course! Maxipads with wings for heavy flow slathered with facial cream are good. Also, strawberry jam or popcicles can be used. i am not allowed to touch my sissy clitty, nipples or even think about penetration during this critical period!

Day 8-13: This is the week prior to ovulation known as the Follicular phase when a girl's estrogen rises and she has to be very careful not to get pregnant. Just like in a girl's vaginal tract, man sperm can survive in the sissy pussy tract for up to 7 days! So, it is imperative that sissy girls do not have penetrative sex in the week before ovulation! Sissy girls like me get hornier and hornier each day, just like a girl with rising estrogen,  finding themselves applying more makeup, wearing higher heels, dressing sluttier with shorter and shorter skirts, provocative satin and ruffled panties, bras, thigh-highs, corsets, bright red lipstick, nailpolish, and sexy babydolls and teddies! Sissy girls voices will rise in pitch, walking will be more swishy and limp-wristy, and sissy girls will develop an overwhelming craving for gobs of yummy cum and more cum! Sissy girls will be flirty and on the prowl for cock to suck during this period!

Day 14-16: Ovulation happens on day 14 and generally lasts for a couple of days. This is the sexiest time of all for girls and therefore for sissy girls. Estrogen is at a peak and a girl's temperature rises (in heat!). Many studies have shown that during this time girls:
  • Wear more revealing look-at-me-I'm-a-slut clothes
  • Wear tighter girl girl, I'm-a-whore skirts
  • Emit an attractive come-fuck-me scent to men
  • Wear more slutty kiss-me-you fool cosmetics and perfume
  • Flirt in an I-dare-you-to-fuck-me way with more agressive masculine men (men who are symmetrical with angular jaws, protruding brows, and rugged good looks)
  • Touch men more seductively in an I-want-your-cock way, trying to entice them into sex
  • Have strong interest in passionate anything goes juicy nasty talking-dirty sex, hmmmmmm.
  • Engage in slutty fuck-me-I'm-in-heat one-night-stands
Sissy girls especially will be in total uncontrollable heat and must be extremely careful! By this time, sissies will be salivating for juicy cum and climbing-the-walls horny and will find themselves dressing like perfumed-up mini-skirted big-boobed shameless street-walker whores trying to attract men, strangers, anyone, to impregnate them and make yummy cum! But no! Sissy girls may only use their slutty mouths to suck cocks, swallow, and clean up cum (if allowed) and it is important that sissies be in chastity for sure during this time. In fact, to be safe, sissy girls should be in chastity for the entire month, except when and if allowed to cum, to make sure no accidents occur!!

Day 17-end of month: During this 13-14 day period it is possible that a sissy girl be allowed to cum.  At this point the sissy girl may be allowed to cum in only a sissy girly girl way. This may be by rubbing nipples only and squirming in my sissy panties, or perhaps by rubbing my sissy clitty through my panties with one finger, or through penetrative sex with my favorite dildo, but no boy-mode-stroking ever! And, of course, a sissy girl MUST SWALLOW ALL of her sissy girl CUM!

lauren sometimes uses the nipple rubbing method of cumming and my nipples are sensitive enougth so i can cum like a girl by rubbing my nipples alone and writhing and squirming in my pretty pink panties while admiring my silky smooth shaved legs and curling brightly girly pink painted toe nails! My favorite method by far is cum from penetration alone, i love having this girly ability and nothing makes you feel more girly then cumming while gripping a throbbing cock in you sissy pussy. wow...........;)

No.5 - Cum exclusivly by penetration alone, just like a real girl. - this is a reality but i would like to only be able to cum with this method. (see my new poll on the top right)

I love being a girly girl. I love all aspects of it, shaving, being cute, pink, panties, make-up, girly magazines, lingerie, boys and definatley my dildo collection. I have trained myself to cum from penetration alone and it is mind blowing. i feel so feminine whilst smoothly shaved, in pretty pink lingerie, and impaled on manly cock.

When i am penetrated like a girl it feels meaningful and increases my femininity. It reflects my absolute “gender-role-reversal” and makes me more and more of a girly girl. The more this lifestyle become normal, the more i love it! i am penetrated as often as possible, virtualy every time i need sexual relief. It is the “normal” way of having sex, not something strange. That cock feels so  powerful and strong, and is much better than me as a penetrator! I always play with my nipples as i am impaled.

i love my femininity, and how happy and satisfied i feel when i am penetrated. I want to one day beg to take my mistresses or mans cock in my ‘pussy’. Only ever be allowed to cum while being penetrated. Be encourage to moan like a whore… or… like ’some teenaged girly girl slut getting fucked’.

I simply love Miss D's (missds.blogspot.com) take on this and it very much applies to me as an ever developing sissy girly girl. - "a dildo is a synthetic cock - a prothesis. If you enjoy any of the many ways there are to use a dildo, then the truth is - you enjoy cock." and i soooo do ;)

"Your clitty may begin to throb, spasm and drip as you start having orgasms deep inside. With practice, you may find that you can orgasm over and over during your dildoing. A good dildoing will leave you limp and spent - all used up..." this so applies to me......... "may prefer your clitty remain in chastity during your dildoing. This way your pleasure is completely dependent on your penetration alone.

I sooo want this device!!!!!!

Even in chastity, you can experience deep orgasms and leak profusely without your clitty swelling up at all... If you are one of those gurls, you don't even really need your clitty anymore - i am fast cumming to this conclusion. "What you need now is deep, full penetration. Once a gurl learns to orgasm by penetration alone and the practice continues over time, she finds that it becomes far more satisfying than anything she may have tried prior. Once a gurl learns to orgasm by penetration alone and the practice continues over time, she finds that it becomes far more satisfying than anything she may have tried prior.

There are both physiological and psychological aspects to this. Physiologically it means that while you may still enjoy having your clitty rubbed and teased, your real pleasure - the source of your complete release, is when you are deeply penetrated. Psychologically, it alters your thoughts about your sexuality, bringing you closer to the feminine side of the gender spectrum. Maybe, you'll come to the conclusion that you very much prefer being penetrated and from then on you'll think about men and what they can do to you in a completely different way." --- Definatley!!!!

"The next time your 'sissy pussy' is itching for deep penetration, keep in mind that even though Your Dildo may be synthetic, it is still a cock. Your Dildo truly is a cock and you - the horny little sissy gurl - you are a gurl with a need to be penetrated and you want it so badly..."

So have cum to the conclusion i no longer need my clitty at all and am thinking about buying a chasity devise like the one pictured above and wearing it for a full 6 months. During this period i can only cum from penetration alone. I think this would condition me to be even more of a horny sissy girly girl and be super horny for cock just like a real girl. Help me make up my mind (its fairly made up!) and vote in my pole.

lauren xx



22 Jul 2010

Girl Tattoo appointment booked!

I have been so super horny thinking about having my new tattoo. When i slipped on my very dainty light pink french knickers this morning i could not help think what my new pink heat design will look like. Forever branded as a girly girl, i honestly can not wait. Thanks for voting everybody, you have helped shape my girly future with a very permenent statement of my commitment to becoming a better sissy girly girl.

So the final result was:

Sissy Girl Lauren (girl outline) - 25 votes (39%)

Very girl Pink hearts (oh my)   - 38 votes (60%)   WINNER!

So I love it!! It is so perfect. This design will be put in the very feminine location of my lower back. I have been a little distracted of late with some family issues but now have a firm appointment with a tattoo parlour in town set for this Tuesday. I hope to publish the pictures of my new tattoo the same day! I am looking forward to seeing how it looks and matches with all my very girly and pretty lingerie sets. How it will look when i bend over in my very high heels with my new pink twirls dissaperaing into my panty line.

Will post very soon, bur for now i need to have a fresh shave, put on some oh so very pretty lingerie just like a proper girly girl and give some cock some very lustful attention. lauren x.

10 Jul 2010

Very excited about getting my new Girly Girl Tattoo!

So the results of my poll are in!

Was very excited and very wet with humiliation at seeing my readers choose my new very girly permanent branding! I can not quite believe i am going to go through with this but i have now booked an appointment at a tattoo parlor in town for next week for a design consultation then having the tattoo done the same day! So excited, going to be very humiliated and wow, this means that anyone who gets a flash of this tattoo will know i am a very girly sissy girl!!

The results of my Girly tattoo poll were;

I first asked the question, "Which girly tattoo design should i have?".

Girly Girl outline - 15 votes (31%) -Its a tie!
Cute Red Heart  - 8 votes  (16%)
Pink and Girly    - 15 votes (31%) -Its a tie!
Girl Gender        - 8 votes   (16%)
Heart Outline      -0 votes   (0%)
Heart Gift           -0 votes   (0%)
Heart Balloon     -0 votes   (0%)
Cute Teddy        -2 votes   (4%)

So we have a tie between Girly Girl outline and Pink and Girly! Oh my! Both very cute, extremely Girly and very fitting for my new statement of girlhood. This must be sorted out!

I second asked the question "where should i have my new Girly tattoo?".

Lower back (small of back-tramp stamp)  - 20 votes (39%) - Winner!
Pubic area (just below pantie line)              -15 votes (29%)
On my Ankle                                            -4 votes   (7%)
On back, near my shoulder                        -7 votes  (13%)
On my Hip                                                -4 votes  (7%)
On my inner wrist                                      -1 vote    (1%)

So the result is conclusive! i am to have a very girly tattoo in an extremely feminine location - the small of my back aka Tramp Stamp or cum catcher! i thought this location would probably win and secretly wanted it to!
Every time i bend over i will flash my girly identity, when a man is taking me hard from behind he will have a pretty tattoo to look at, and then to pull out and cum all over, wow, delicious.

So the location is set, just need to finalize the design. So i am going to set up a new pole to run for a week to finally get this design finalized. You my amazing readers must decide this fate for me! To help you make up your mind and to get an idea of how this will look for real i have made some mock ups;

Girly outline tattoo;

Wow it does look so Girly, humiliating and perfect for a sissy girl like me! Secretly hoping this design wins!
Lets see how my future male lovers view will be like;

Girly Girl pink hearts with swirly pink tattoo;

And again how it will look to a future lover;

Wow, this design also looks very very girly! Perfect. The next photo's i post of tattoos will be my tattoo for real and it will be one of these as a tramp stamp/ cum catcher! How sassy, sissy and super girl, my journey towards full time cute girl will be some what nearer and very permanent!

I'm sooo wet, i am off for a date with my largest dildo. I need to be impaled on cock immediately!

lauren xx    p.s. PLEASE VOTE!

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