2 Nov 2009

Getting dressed up and girly

I have been away for the weekend and have been dying to come home and try on some of my new purchases. I definitely need to buy more! I need more and more girly girl panties, they feel so amazing against my smooth skin. I feel so aroused as i slowly pull them up around my ultra smooth legs and fit them snugly into place around my clit. They are a constant reminder of my girly status. I now wear panties full time and will slowly throw all of my male underwear away.

I took a few photos of me wearing a few items. I have only used lower body shots at present as i am still perfecting the rest of my look, plus i am not that confident yet! So hear goes!

I love my shear hold ups with lace trim, they make me feel so feminine. The garter belt just tips me over.

I love to get dressed up to receive cock, get very pretty then tease my pussy with the tip untill i yearn for that cock to be inside me.

My new pretty pink lacy boy shorts. They feel amazing.

These very girly white panties just make me so horny, i want to suck cock in them then let my man slide them off me and have his way.


This thong is just so naughty, i have my eye on another with very cute silver hearts that will frame my clitty and make me look so sassy.


Well i hope you like my pics. I am abit shy but am starting to get alot more adventurous, especially the more sassy and sissy i become. I want to be a total girly girl but still have along way to go. My next mission is to buy some school girl outfits. I love the school girl look. So girly, so sexy, so naughty. I want to be fucked hard while wearing the cutest schoolgirl outfit.

I really like this simple very girly look

I am definitely going to buy this outfit and model myself in this.

Hmmhh, i can not wait,,, sassy sissy girly girl lauren x

30 Oct 2009

Sissy Girly Tip

Got this from a really good site which has sissy assignments and is fairly new.

Sissy Girly Tip of the Day

It is very important as a sissy to always please herself in a way that emphasis her sissiness. By always pleasing yourself in a girly, humiliating or degrading way will ultimately lead you only to climax while incorporating something sissy into the mix. Scary isn't it sissy? Nonetheless, don't you dream about being a girly, submissive, panty-wearing sissy anyways?

Here is a very hot assignment from that site which i am going to carry out tommorow. (click on the image to make the txt larger)

Girly girl pussy envey

I badly want a pretty pussy. I look at girls with very pretty pussy's and instead of thinking of sleeping with them i can only be jealous that of their girly moist folds just waiting to accept a juicy cock. I want my pussy to be so extremely feminine, so girly, so sassy, so slutty, just begging and gaping for cock.

I want a pusy just like this,

i want to look down and just see this, a beautiful feminine girly slutty hole, wet and ready to accept my man, just to toy with the lips a little to get my juices flowing while i suck my man harder and harder. Getting him hard to slowly slide him in then buck and grind in soft girly moans. Feeling that girly pleasure build inside me as i start to pant and squeal. Starring at him and holding my cheeks apart with my painted nails, gasping not being able to catch my breath as i start to lose control. Then i feel his cock twitch deep inside me and he groans as i feel the splash of his cum filling my sweet sassy pussy. He withdraws and i play with my cum filled pussy using his cum to lube my clit, felling it seep out and run down my smooth girly girl thighs. Hmmmm.

This picture is so hot, i want to be her so badly, toying my pussy with that pink cock. I'm going to try and create that scene for myself and cum hard as a sassy sissy with cock alone.

This is sassy laurens girly pussy at present, i am going to make it evn more super girly, any suggestions? Maybe a very cute playboy tatoo or other very girly tatoo. I would love a belly button.

OMG i just want to be her! This is my goal.


Wow i feel so ultra girly today, i really am a super sassy sissy girly girl and my name is lauren x

29 Oct 2009

How to be a Girly Girl

I love this article i just found,

Do you love dressing up and putting on makeup? It's great for girls to express themselves in what ever way they like to. This is just for anyone who personally loves it which is great too! No matter who you are hopefully this how to will help you come into your more girly side!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1.Substitute clumsiness and jerky movements with graceful and fluid actions. You'll feel like a fake if you just clump along while walking. True "girly girls" sort of look like they're floating.

2.Groom yourself every day. A good grooming routine everyday, is taking a shower, and shaving. Apply body lotion. The last step is perfume. Pick a custom scent for yourself to be your trademark.

3.Look after your hair. Make sure you comb it with a wide toothed comb or a brush, wash it every day or every other day, depending on your hair type, and don't use too many hair products. Straightening your hair every day could cause serious damage, so use a heat protection spray! You can also go for soft curls. Formal (regular) buns and messy buns are cute too.

4.Keep in tip-top shape. Don't eat too much dessert. It would be smart to eat low-fat (or fat-free) foods. Exercise daily. However, this doesn't mean starve yourself. You don't have to be stick thin. As long as you're healthy, you're fine!

5.Take care of your nails as well. Treat yourself to a pedicure/manicure, and make sure to keep from biting your nails, picking at them, etc. People notice your hands more than you think, and jagged nails don't look very nice. Try to go to a nail salon to get your nails done. If you can't, just do it by yourself or with a family member. If this is your first time being a girly-girl-in-training, try not to use dark colors like black. Use girly colors like pink, purple, etc.

6.Use mostly pastel colors such as pink and baby blue. Especially pink. Purple is a very pretty color as well. However, you can still wear, red, green, black, etc. Just because you're a girly girl doesn't mean you have to wear pink or purple all the time.

7.Have a bright personality, bubbly and happy. Don't giggle all the time, because people will find that really annoying. Instead, make other people laugh, and be really cute. Don't take yourself too seriously. Be sweet and friendly, do not yell too much.

8.Get girly clothes - skirts, cute shirts, accessories, jeans, cute shorts...anything bright is good. Make an effort to look around. When you first start coming out of your "comfort" zone you won't like anything and will keep saying "no" to everything you see. Go to every store you can. You might get tired of walking around, but just looking is a big step! Go with your friends who have style or with somebody who has any style different than yours! Let them help you, but develop your own style and don't just copy theirs.

 9.Wear jeans that fit. Don't wear low cut jeans if you don't feel comfortable, but make sure your jeans fit you and are not tight or baggy. A belt is okay, but the fit says it all. Try on lots of brands, styles, cuts, and sizes. Not every size jean will fit the same depending on the brand. The same goes with shirts. Not tight, not baggy. If your shirt is so tight you can see your bra or you have trouble getting your shirt off of your back, then it's too tight. To see if the shirt is too small, raise your arms up. If your stomach shows when you do this, then the shirt may be too small. Things like camisoles are supposed to fit tight.

10.Keep your teeth nice and white. There are several ways to get the perfect dazzling smile. If your teeth are crooked, don't shy away from braces. Just think of them as jewelry for your teeth! For whitening, you can either do it yourself at home with a store-bought product (such as crest white strips) or go to a dentist that also has expertise in the area of cosmetic dentistry to get them professionally whitened.

Be romantic. Girliness is also associated with romance sometimes. Be sure to read/write romance novels and develop a keen interest in poetry. You can also make this your music style by listening to love songs.

Hang out with gal pals. Girls love the mall, shopping, and almost anything associated with beauty. Get a group of friends and have a shopping spree, makeovers, a sleepover, or any girl-related activity.

 Keep a diary. Draw girly stuff in it, like hearts, other cartoon characters, flowers and write poems and stories and so on.

Some good tips

  • Try not to worry what others think!
  • Say more hi than hey. It's more girly.
  • Never contemplate releasing any form of gas from your body in front of anyone under any circumstances.
  • Don't ever allow a foul expletive to exit your mouth, it's not ladylike.
  • Remember, wear lots of pink! Combine it with other colors, for example white, or even black. These are the colors that work best with pastels.
  • Keep your grades as neat as your wardrobe.
  • Some pretty hairstyles are french braids, loose pigtails, messy buns, and The Fishtail Braid. If you're sick of your everyday hair, get it layered or go for a cute, girly cut. Ask your hair dresser what they think would suit you.
  • Make sure your teeth are in good shape, not stained, and breath smelling good.
  • A true girly girl knows that a purse is a must. Your purse should have the basics: lip gloss, mints/gum, perfume, a nail file, & whatever else you think you need!
  • A girly girl must not talk so loud and keep a pace of her speaking.
  • Have a good posture when sitting or standing.
  • Be polite to everyone you meet.
  • Don't wear too much makeup, just stick with your basics: lip gloss, mascara, and eye shadow (but not too much: it will make you look like a clown and you are trying too hard).
  • A girly girl should not have too much hair on her legs(a little is OK), but no hair on underarms.
  • Get some lip glosses and cute jewelry that suits you but don't go over the top.
  • Be yourself and don't try to change your personality.
  • Wear both lipstick and lipgloss. First add a base coat of lipstick and then add some good smelling and sparkly lipgloss to help it shine!
  • Make sure your hair is neat ALL the time! Set it in a different hairstyle everyday, to make everyone dazzled. Don't always leave your hair open. Braid it! Curl it! Straighten it! Tie it!
  • Smile! No girl will be completed without a smile!
  • Be nice to others even though sometime they won't be nice to you cause it feels good to know your a better person.
  • When at school, always have a organized locker or desk.
  • Wear little pink clips in your hair and wear dresses and mainly bright color stuff.

Things You'll Need

  • Shiny lip gloss.
  • Nice brand of teen clothing (such as candies, aeropostale).
  • Girly accessories (such as head bands, necklaces, earrings).
  • Make up (such as mascara, lip gloss, eye shadow)
  • Purses too match your outfit
  • A long lasting pairs of shoes
  • The latest fashions.
  • Dresses/Mini skirts (note: you don't always have to wear stuff like that since you can wear jeans to but not that much).
  • Nice girly smelling perfumes.

This out fit is so cute, so ultra girly girly, it would look so sassy and sissy on me. I want to be made to suck cock in this outfit, pouting and giving my man an ultra girly sassy look as i caress his cock with my tounge getting him hard to ride my pussy and make me cry out in a girlish orgasmic screams, making me further and further forever girl.

 This the look i would give him, sultry and sassy, making his cock harder for my wanting sissy pussy. Then finally,

hmmm, sassy sissy girly girl lauren x

I have been shopping!

I went on the internet today to buy some sissy girly girl things for my continued devotion to everything that is feminine and a girl should have. I am not that brave yet so i shopped on the internet. here is what i ordered,

 Exceptionally naughty, this tiny thong is made of sheer stretch lace that hugs and holds you in just the right way. Hidden in the centre of the thong, amidst the soft mesh and ruffles, is a revealing open crotch that looks and feels fantastic! So girly! I can not wait to show you my pics in them with my new super smooth sexy girly body. I managed to shave the heart but have not been able to dye it yet. I look like such a sassy sissy.

If you don't have a pair of lacy boy shorts in your underwear drawer, your lingerie collection isn't complete! Soft, stretchy and sheer, these knickers are comfortable enough to wear every day yet sexy enough for special occasions.  Wow, super girly and sexy which makes them just right for me!

This thong is so revealing and racy that your partner simply won't be able to resist! The cross laces to the front and back look and feel fabulous against the skin and the opaque crotch with fishnet overlay keeps your most important parts covered. This is so naughty! I could not resist.

Lace suspender belt with four suspender straps and matching sheer panties with lace trim,, hmm so feminine, i only wish they did them in girly pink.

The softest and smoothest garter stockings around! The sheer nylon caresses your legs as you slide these stockings on and the floral lace clings to your thighs perfectly. Perfect to go with my new garter belt. These will feel super girly on my freshly girly waxed legs.

My first cock! Get an injection of hot royal flesh with this lifelike sculpted dildo, with suction cup for hot hands-free sessions to make your fantasies of palatial penetration come true! Thick and veiny, ready to please. I am going weak at the knees just looking at this. I am sure i will spend many hours getting intimate with this cock. Taking it deep in my girly sissy pussy crying out in girly girl orgasmic wimpers. Losing all self control as i pant and moan just like the girl on heat i am. Soon i hope this cock will be the only way i ever get to cum, slowly forgetting i ever was a man and now a complete slave to cock.

This will soon be me, a girl on heat riding that cock in pure lust.

The only way i can come is when impaled on cock, my tight sissy pussy gripping it panting and moaning.

I also bought this on a sure whim,

    Waterproof Mini Rabbit Finger Vibrator!

A finger and touch is just enough to give your clit a treat! Pop in the powerful multispeed vibrator, slip your finger in the jelly hole and let the nubs and rabbit ears got to work! It's waterproof, too, so enjoy a knee trembling shower!

So as you can see this girly girl has had a busy day, i will post some pictures of me wearing my new things in the next few days! Sassy sissy girl lauren x

My first girly girl post, Girly girl pledges.

Welcome to my new blog. I have had strong sissy desires and urges for a long time now. It is only now i have truly submitted to the girly girl that is truly me. This is why i have started this blog to document my progress, thoughts and girly activities. At this time i do not have a superior (but would dearly love one) so i am training myself and hope i can impress someone with my true commitment.

This is my pledge from now on,,,, (more to be added)

1. Today i will remove all of my body hair (I will let you see the delicious results) the only hair i will have will be on my head. From this day forward i will be baby girly smooth which includes my clitty and pussy. Just as a sexy, sassy girly girl would be. My only kink to truly express my sissy girly girl status is to shave my pubic hair into a very girly girl heart shape. I also intend to dye this baby pink. A little pink heart right above my clit to re-enforce my girly, sassy sissy status.

2. From this day forward i will only wear panties. I will wear as many shades of pink as possible to cover my baby soft clit and pussy. The panties will match my little baby pink heart and remind me that only super sassy girly girls look down and see this.

3. From this day forward i will only ever cum as a girl. I will only be able to masturbate exactly like a girl. This means never stroking my penis ever again. Instead i will be able to use one finger (preferably my little finger) to slowly circle my clit above or beneath my very girly pink panties. In addition i will only be aloud to cum when i am penetrated with a cock shaped object. I can use any toys that a girl would to masturbate with like a vibrator or dildo and i can finger myself like a girl. The Key point is i must only ever from now on cum like a girl.

So this is exactly how i will be cumming from now on just like a proper girly girl, a few pics to demonstrate.

In addition when i masturbate i must make very girly girl sounds, i must sound and act like a girl on heat while i pleasure my little clitty and penetrate my sissy pussy. I must watch videos of girls masturbating often and emulate them in all ways possible. IN NO WAY EVER IS MY PENIS TO BE STROKED LIKE A BOY EVER AGAIN. I must build very slowly to orgasm just like a girl and at the moment of cumming cry out just as a girl would. I must sound like the following clips, extremely girly girl.

I must sound like this when bouncing up and down on my realistic dildo.

Then at the point of my ultra girly girl orgasm with a cock deep in my pussy sound like this.

One more! I must sound like this when circling my baby smooth clit staring at my baby pink heart with my pink panties around my thighs and a realistic cock deep in my smooth velvety sissy pussy.

Eventually the only way i will be able to cum is exactly like a girl through penetration. I will ride any cock to orgasm with my hands on my baby smooth bottom spreading my pussy to take that cock deeper and deeper until i cry out in a sassy girly girl female orgasm spreading deep from pussy making me shudder and pant with no control. Completely consumed by my girly desires. This is my ultimate goal to be only be permitted to cum this way. I hope a mistress can help me some day.

I will add more to this list as i am quite excited now. Hope you enjoyed my first post. Please leave some comments, sissy girly girl lauren x


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