26 Nov 2010

Making your Nipples extra sensitve like a proper girly girl

Hi, its been a while again! I am as always so wrapped in work.

Although this never stops me being a true little girlie girl. My cute panties hugging my baby smooth skin, the cutest female tattos peeking out of my panty line always remind me what a little minx i am at heart. Of course my ever growing need for cock just continues. It has been over a year now since i have cum like a  boy! A whole year! Its now my role to make boys cum. Now i always cum with the aid of a hard cock inside me, ever now and again i allow my self a very slight brushing of my clit with my little finger. I do not really need to do this because a good hard cock inside me is enougth to get me off. The thing is now cock just makes me so horny.

Latley though, i have really discovered my nipples. It is only right as a sissy to be so turned on by a slight brush of my now very senstive nipples. So girly and delicious to play with my nipples and moan in delight as i feel an orgasm building. Only girls get turned on by rubbing their nipples, which means i am another step closer.

Now my nipples are irreversibley connected with sexual excitement. Its very humiliating to now know i can bring myself to the edge just with my nipples, only a good hard manly cock inside me is needed to finish me off. The two sensations togther make me sooo wet, i feel so feminine, so consumed by girly lust, i want that cock to go deeper and deeper as i shudder to a climax, gripping that cock so firmly inside me. I want to feel the sensation of hot cum being pumped into me as i shudder and pant wrapping my legs tightly around my man, drawing him deeper to recieve his cum. Another hot, favorite fantasy of mine is to be on all fours, panties around my thighs, playing with my nipples with one hand and spreading my checks with the other. My man fucks me hard then just as he is about to cum, pulls out and cums hard all over my spread pussy. The sensation of hot cum all over my pussy and my nipples being lightly caressed just blows my mind.

It would also be super hot for him to cum all over my nipples then use it as lubricant to rub my breasts, tease my nipples and cum that way! So many fantasies, so many possabilities! Any men up for it?? He he.

Imagine taking his hard cock and rubbing it all over you nipples, taking the tip of his cock and rubbing and rubbing until he explodes all over you cute little pink nipples. Hmmmmm

Or maybe giving him a slow sensual hand job with one hand whilst you caress your nipples with the other, moaning lustfully as the excitment builds inside you. Up and down, up and down, watch that cock twitch as he explodes all over your pretty hand.

So the way to get your nipples super sexualy sensitive just like a proper girl is to be sure to include them in any sexual play. Everytime you are slightly turned on, make sure you lightly tease your nipples. Sometimes just only play with your nipples and fantisize about that hard cock taking you and making you all girl. Concentrate on the sensation more and more. Soon it will start to overwhelm you.

Before you know it, you will be a proper horny, little seductress wriggling around on the bed tweaking your nipples begging your man to take you now. Once you have trained your brain to connect sexual excitment with your nipples there is no going back i'm afraid. It is a very feminine trait to have and one which is only fitting for a sissy.

Till the next time, lauren xx


  1. I really hope you post a video of yourself having an orgasm with a cute dildo inside yourself like the girl in the pic.

  2. i like being a sissy and enjoy your article

  3. Are you a Les?? Please lick me and rub my nipples and pussy. Text me at 97238192(:

  4. Hormones spiri/estradiol work quite well for me, as well as other girly thoughts of pretties and of course thoughts of cock. Giggles

  5. I luv tweeting my nipples why wearing bra and panties I feel so femme and girly it's amazing bye 4 now crissyluvs2wearbraandpanties

  6. my Daddy's like my cheerleader outfits and school girl dresses, my nipples are soft yet stiff. I lotion my nipple daily like a good little sissy slave for my Daddy's.

  7. I've always played with my nipples, even before I started doing anal. Playing with my nipples always made me crave cock and helped me feel like a real girl. All I need to do to have a real good sissygasm is play with my nipples and grind on my favorite dildo or a big juicy cock.

  8. I've played with my nipples for almost 20 years. The right nipple is more sensitive but my left girl is starting to also become increasingly sensitive. I've found that when my nipples are fondled and sucked then my boy pussy gets loose and wet. When I'm with a man, it leads to a great fuck.
    Most of the time, I play with myself. When I do this, I get my nipples aroused then slide onto my nice, thick dildo. I like to ride the dildo while on my back and a hand on each nipple. On occasion, I've had anal orgasms.
    It's like an out-of-body experience. I find myself moaning and yelling out loud as I cum with the dildo. I don't cum
    through my boy clitty but I have a great orgasm and find that I don't need to cum as a male.



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