27 Jun 2010

4 ever marked with a girly girl tattoo.

As i go further and further into sissy hood, i want to seal my commitment in a more permanent way. I can not think of a better way then to have a very girly humiliating tattoo in a very obvious feminine location. Maybe even more than one, a couple would seem even more fitting.

It would be delicious to complete my very sassy sissy look with a cute sexy tattoo that screams to everyone that i am a sissy girl and enjoy everything girl.

So i have set about re-searching this subject. I am looking for cute unmistakably female designs. I want to showcase my favorite designs then get anyone that may read this to vote as to which one i should have done. And then a second vote as to where i should have this tattoo. I am very serious about this and will post the pictures of new tattoo on this blog to prove my commitment to absolute girly sissy hood. So lets begin.......

Many young girls are getting tattoos nowadays, so the presence of girly tattoo designs is quickly increasing. It used to be believed that tattoos were for guys, as a sign of masculinity, and that any tattoo girl was rebellious or bad behaving, but now it's become a trend to get inked young no matter your gender. Studies have proven that almost 10% of girls ages 18-25 have at least one tattoo. For this reason, the need for girly tattoos is rising fast.

Girly tattoo designs are fairly small in size, and can be grouped into categories based on their femininity. Popular groupings include flowers, hearts, cherries, animals, and stars. Of course, some of these categories also include masculine tattoos, but the difference is widely recognizable. Pink is general color in many female designs...something you wouldn't typically see in a man's design.

The location for a girl tattoo is typically on the small of the back, so many designs are sketched with this location in mind. They usually consist of a unique design of swirls and loops, and may include an image from some of the girly categories listed above. A butterfly, for example, is a common piece for the lower back. There has been a lot of controversy regarding this tattoo location, and some people know the tattoos located there as "tramp stamps." However, this is not a general consensus, nor is it stopping young women for getting tattoos here.

Many girls opt for girly tattoo designs, particularly for their first tattoo. This is because they are generally smaller than the more extreme images, so this can act as a trial run to experience the whole "getting a tattoo" scenario. Many of them can be used to express yourself, and look very good with lettering. If you wanted to add your name around stars or hearts, it can be done and look great.

Here is a top 10 of the tattoo designs that are popular amongst girls:

1.Butterfly tattoos: butterflies are perhaps the most popular subject for a girl tattoo.
2.Tribal tattoos: the new tribal tattoo is popular amongst women as well as men. Women usually have them on the lower back (some call it a tramp stamp).

3.Star and shooting star tattoos: stars are probably the oldest symbol, that's why they have a strong symbolic meaning. They are universal, can be simple and small or combined with other designs.
4.Flower tattoos: flowers have a natural beauty and are very feminine, it's not hard to understand why they are considered a girly tattoo design. Popular tattoo flowers are roses, daisies, lilies, sunflowers and cherry blossom. Each flower has a deeply rooted symbolic meaning.
5.Fairy tattoos: fairies are cute girls with magical powers, so it's not hard to see where the appeal of fairy tattoos comes from.

6.Heart tattoos: hearts are the symbol of love and romance and have been a popular design for tattoos since the early days.

7.Dragonfly tattoos: most women are not very fond of insects, but that's not the case with dragonflies, they are very well-liked as a tattoo design. They live in the same realm as butterflies and fairies.
8.Dolphin tattoos: dolphins are animals that speak to the imagination. They are mammals, just like us, and are very intelligent. Some go as far to say dolphins are more intelligent than humans.
9.Celtic tattoos: these are a kind of tribal tattoos. Popular designs are crosses, spirals and Celtic knots.

10.Zodiac tattoos: if you believe in astrology, having your zodiac sign tattooed is a good option.
Here's the top 10 of popular tattoo spots for women and girls:

1.Lower back: lower back female tattoos are very popular for several reasons. First, it's a very feminine and sexy spot to have a tattoo. It doesn't usually show, but can be ‘flashed’ as the girl bends over. Catching a glimpse of a lower back tattoo on a girl, you almost get the feeling that you’re seeing something you shouldn't be – very tantalizing!

Lately, lower back tattoos are called "tramp stamps" by some because so many women and girls have a tattoo there. Don't let this put you off though, if you think your lower back is the perfect place for your tattoo, then by all means, go ahead. Getting a lower back tattoo because it is fashionable is not a very good idea though.
2.The inside of the wrist: this is a good place for a tattoo, it can easily be covered up by wearing a watch or a bracelet.

3.Just above the ankle: the ankles are another popular tattoo place, very feminine. ,Also easy to cover up if you want to, by wearing socks, and not so problematic as foot tattoos. Ankle tattoos are usually small and can be very cute – just a nice accent for the ankle and foot.

4.The feet: foot tattoos are getting more and more popular these days. Keep in mind that tattoos on the feet need more care and don't last as long as tattoos on other places.

5.Back of the neck: very nice spot to have a tattoo in my opinion and one of the less painful places.

6.On the back, near the shoulder : also a popular spot. The left shoulder is traditionally the feminine side. Shoulder tattoos are a great accent when you’re wearing a tank top or halter top in the summer.

7.The upper arm: very common place to have a tattoo, for girls as well as men.

8.In the pubic area: just below the panty line, above the V, very sexy.

9.The hip: only shows when you're in your underwear or wearing a bikini.

10.The calves: a tattoo on the calves is usually a large one.

I personally think it's a good idea to have a tattoo on a place that you can cover up, especially when your work environment is kind of conservative. Places that are easy to hide include:

•Above the ankles

•On your feet

•The hips

•The back of the shoulders

•Just below the panty line

•The inner wrist

Keep in mind when choosing a tattoo spot, that some areas of your body will stretch when you get older. This is especially the case after having children. Places sensitive to stretching are your stomach, your breasts and your bum.

So here are 8 designs i have shortlisted. They are all designs obviously with a little touch up from a tattoo artist that i would seriously have done, i will let you deside which and where! .....

Number 1.

A very cute girly pink outline of me. This just screams sissy girl

Number 2.

Cute red heart in a very girl design. Perfect for a sassy sissy girl like me.

Number 3.

Baby pink hearts for a baby pink sissy girl seems very appropriate.

Number 4.

There is no getting away with explaing why you have this as a tattoo! Humiliating, girly and delicious. Needs a little refining before actual inking!

Number 5.

Simple and cute, something that a cute girly girl would have! I guess that means me!

Number 6.

Wow how humiliating would it be to have this for life, forever branded as a girl

Number 7.

Very cute, very girly, enougth said. I love it!

Number 8.

Super cute, no man would ever have this as a tattoo.

Before i finish this post just a little word on the lower back tattoos for girls.

Tramp Stamp aka cum catcher

A tattoo on the lower back of a female. Called a cum catcher because the lower back is where a male ejaculates on a female after pulling out after doggy style sex. Refers to the belief that girls with lower back tattoos are promiscuous. hmmmm sounds amazing,

lauren x


  1. i love number four may i use it:)

  2. As I always mention to people, careful what you wish for! How about this, relieve yourself if you know what I mean and see if you still feel like having a girly tattoo. If yes...well I have some wonderful ideas that you will just hate me for.

    1) A garter tattoo...either on one leg or both! Goes right around the thigh...is totally feminine and sexy. Make it White and pink lace...Was actually considering one...waiting to see if it meets with my wifes approval.

    2) Now think about this! You would need to find a tattoo artists that is a Master Shader! Have Cleavage tattooed to your chest! Cleavage is just the manipulation of shadows and many stage TV's shade their chests with Blush to show the illusion of cleavage! Just imagine that when wearing a bra, bikini or low cut anything...the illusion will be almost real!

    3) My wife once joked that if I got a lower back tattoo, it should be thin black semi tribal with pretty pink flowers and almost hidden text saying that "I suck and swallow!" She if hoping I become bi-sexual.

    4) Imagine on your shoulder a pair of humming birds that appear to be stitching a ribbon into your back. The word/s it is stitching is up to you.

  3. i'm a sissy gurl too, and I have a heart with a dagger thru it tattoo on my left bicep. I also have a very large pink star on my right shoulder, signifying my sissyhood.

  4. I have 3 butterflies on my ankle. Next I am thinking the tramp stamp....

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  5. I love number 1
    Im getting flowers and butterflies on my left hip and bumb. I love number one would love that one on my left shoulder

  6. I like number one on your pubic area but with more girly scriptive writing and the girl should be bent forward with her ass in the air. Also love the idea of the garters

  7. Hillary and Huma are a great couple. I wish them all the best in the world of femdom.



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