26 Jan 2010

My new sexual role as a sassy girl

It has been a while since i have posted now. This is due to the fact that i have emergrated to South Africa from the UK and as you can imagine, this has taken up a huge amount of time. However my Girlish desires and practises have not diminished. Infact, i think they have become even more intense.

It has been almost 3 months now since i have last cum like a boy. Every orgasm i have had has been in a girly girl way while dressed. Usually this means rubbing the tip of my clit with only one finger. A very small circling motion does the trick and has me squirming and screaming out after a long and tense girly build up. My nipples have become very sensitive and im am training my self to cum from my nipples alone.

I also adore penetration. I have a realistic cock which i have sex with often. During penetrative sex i do not touch my clit, but feel the large head massaging my G-spot, the feeling is amazing. I crave penetration these days almost to an addictive nature. I recently purchased an aneros device which has blown my mind. I can now have hands free mind blowing dry orgasms from penetration alone. I love trying out different positions, the more submissive, the better. My favorite is doggy style, with my back arched and feet off the ground, imagining a beautiful cock working in and out of me. The feeling of climax must be close to what a girl feels. I pledge to develop these feelings. One day i want a real cock inside me, so i can milk him inside me. I want to climax around his cock, milking him deep inside me. As i come my vargina spasms and causes him to explode inside me. The feeling of satisfication will be ultimate.

The Female Orgasm fasinates me. Here are some of my favorite descriptions from girls of what sex feels like as a girl. OMG it makes me want to be a girl, soooooooo much.

"What does it feel like?

Well, at first, at the very point of entrance, there is a resistance... the entrance of the vagina is like a rubber band, it tightens and expands... something pushing through it is like, well - the only way you could describe it to guys is if you asked them to stick a finger up their ass... it's like a resistance at the start and then it slides in, with difficulty. Sometimes even with a little pain, depending on the lubrication factor or the size of the member.

Once inside, having a cock in you is nothing like having a finger in your ass. The vagina is comparitvely quite wide, and accommodates cock-shapes remarkably well (OMG, you'd think that was what we were designed for! ;) )... so, when the cock pushes in and slides all the way in (an exquisite feeling, by the way, which often sends involuntary shivers up your spine), it fits snuggly and comfortably.

Given there's usually a lot more going on at this point (kissing, nipple play) describing the sensation of a cock moving in and out of you is virtually impossible; it's all wrapped up in a cornicopia of feelings, which starts at your vagina and eminates through your whole body. Basically though, I'd describe it as feeling "filled up". There's an instintual, gutteral, animal feeling about it. You just want it inside you, as deep as possible, as high up as possible.

Contrary to popular belief you don't feel *every* movement of the cock inside. Some, when it's on an angle, but mostly it melds into one luscious, ryhythmic feeling that you mostly feel at the very base of your stomach, right above the pubic bone. If it's very deep it can hurt; that's when it hits the entrance to the uterus. That's change positions time ;)

I hope I'm describing it alright. It's hard to. It's actually fascinating what feelings come over you - you feel this intense need to gyrate and push and feel it in every dimension and angle within you; I wonder if that's an evolutionary thing, wanting the cock to go into the best position for the sperm to enter the cervix?"

Another Description from a girl

"It's a warm, full feeling. And every time it goes in, out and back in again you can feel shudders all over your body and a really nice, indescribable feeling in your stomach. If you've been waiting a long time, (or have been teased for a long time) the first slide in feels like such a relief. It's sort of like a really bad itch on your back that you can't manage to scratch without someone's help. While it's going in you can feel the head, but usually (in my case anyway) you can mostly only feel the shaft, but that's nice too, if it's really hard or pulsing. When it's fast, your temp rises faster and sometimes it's hard to think about anything else but what's going in and out of you (that's when you might throw your hips back against him to unconsciously say you want more). When it's slow I just get a lot of muscle spasms, but it still feels good. When the testes hit against you or when you feel him bumping your cervix, I think it's more of a mental feed, like you know that you're taking it all and that makes you just feel nice. I'm not sure I described it the best way but, that's how I feel."

I so badly want to experience this!!!

"I can feel everything when my BF cums in me. He does spurt really hard when he cums and I think the tip of his cock is right at my cervix. I can always tell when he's getting close to cumming. Most of the time he rolls us over into the missionary position where he can give me his deepest thrusting. His body tenses up, his thrusting becomes harder and more driven, his breathing becomes faster, and I can feel his cock getting even harder and growing in girth. The anticipation of knowing I'm about to be filled often heightens my arousal, even if I've just cum. We don't always cum together, but when we do it is awesome. He holds back as long as he can waiting for me. When I go over the edge, it's always a really powerful one where he can definitly feel my vaginal contractions around his cock. The feeling of my pussy contracting around his cock makes him lose control and he thrusts into me to the hilt pushing his pubic bone firmly against me. I in turn, being able to sense that this is it, thrust my hips upward, impaling myself on his cock, trying to get him even deeper inside me and squeezing my pussy as tightly as I can. His cock starts throbbing as if it has a sudden expansion then immediately goes back to size. Each time his cock throbs I feel a stream of his cum spurt into me. The best I can describe it, it's sort of like being shot with a water gun. But it's deep inside me, sort of right behind my belley button. I let out a gasp with each spurt, letting him know I'm feeling it. After the second or third spurt I sometimes begin to feel the heat of his cum inside me as he continues to empty himself. After seven or eight spurts it's all over. Afterward he stays deep inside me, grinding his pubic bome firmly against mine while I squeeze my pussy muscles around him trying to milk him of every drop. I feel really wet and full by now as his cock swishes around inside me."

Wow, speak soon , Sissy sassy lauren x

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