13 Oct 2010

My Last thoughts on my girly girl markings before they are done & need your help!

OMG! So an appointment is booked for Tuesday next week to have my new tattoos done! A little nervous but very very excited. I decided, because I love them both and there are two very distinct sides to my personality as a girl, (both very cute n girly and very slutty!) that i would have both tats!

So having a Hello Kitty design to the left of my pubic region and a playboy bunny to the right. Both will be literally just poking above my pantie line in just about the next most feminine place possible except for the lower back! As you know already, i have already had that done! I love my lower back tattoo, its a constant marking that just brands me "GIRL!", its, hot,humiliating and looks super cute. Especially with very cute lingerie and tight hipster jeans. Even better when wearing a sexy thong with tight jeans, anyone who gets a peak just knows i am a very sexual sissy girl! He he, i love it! My new tattoo's are just going to make me even more Girly.

So, the playboy bunny tattoo is easy, will just leave that to my tattoo artist. I need some inspiration for my Hello Kitty tattoo. i must love it, remember i will have this forever so it must be right.

I have found some designs i quite like, bit traditional but very cute! ;

So please help me decide! Vote in my poll or if you have seen some very cute designs or have your own ideas i would love to hear them. I must know by next Tuesday! Just leave me a comment.

Or you can always email me at sissygirllauren@hotmail.co.uk. Always love to hear from people.

BTW, love and appreciate all of your comments, some are very flattering ;) will be sure to post new pics in the next week. I have some very naughty articles to publish in the near future, my Girly mind is in overtime!

Speak soon, love as always lauren xx


  1. Damn, girl - I am so envious of you! I wish I had half the nerve you do, and a fraction of your committment! I think you became my idol the moment you committed to the back tattoo, and these just seal the deal.

    I was tempted to vote for the lollipop (after all, sissies need to suck!), but the teddy just screams girly.

  2. Lauren, are you on tvchix? If so, what's your profile?

  3. Hmmm, yes I am! Thanx for the tip! My profile is sissygirllauren x

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