17 Mar 2011

Some time out to enjoy, what it means to be a girl

Hello everyone, it's has been a while i know! I havent posted in ages.

Being a very cute girly girl takes alot of time and energy, i love it and it sometimes totaly consumes me. I also have a very demanding career, the both together just exhaust me! However i could just never stop being a girl.... that is what i really should be.

 What a cute outfit, i want it! I also need to have a body just like her!

So i have taken some time out latley. I have met some very cool people and just enjoyed being,,,,, a girl. Have submitted fast and deeply to my very cute n girly side recently. I just have to keep going that one step further to make me even more irreversably feminine, girl, sexy and very sweet. It can be almost addictive and very exciting experiencing everything as a girl should. I used to feel guilty about this but think i am finally accepting the reality of how i really feel and how it just makes me happy. Just the act of perfecting the look and becoming the cutie to make men instantly hard, it is such a major turn on to know i want to make Men hard for me. Cock is delicious thing, so are dildo's, multiple orgasms and being taken hard and deeply. Everything about being a girl is just completely amazing.

Experiencing sex as a girl is mind blowing. Everything! Masturbating, the soft and wet feeling, girl thoughts, penetration, submitting to cock and letting it take you far over the edge over and over again. What's not totaly amazing about it?!

Admit it! That is super hot! You would love to be in that position.

Being a sensual love goddess for you man- The art of being feminine:
Here are some super girly tips to re-inforce the super girly thoughts in your head and get what just blows your mind,, cock. Keep him wanting you, melt with the expectation, realization and humilation as you coax him for his cock and the delicious feeling you crave.

  • Turn your usual every-day walk into the walk of a SISSY SULTRY LOVE GODDESS - in order to exude maximum feminine sensuality. Your love goddess gait should be free, sensual and start from the hip - with a slight rocking going on under your completely relaxed buttocks!
  • Also, you can take a note from the catwalk models and walk with one foot directly in front of the other. Don't forget to keep your body straight, making your chest seem even more tempting ;-)
  •  Apart from your sissy name give yourself a sexy nickname - something like; "pussy cat," "doll," "nymph," "Lolita," or "honeyed". Such a frivolous reference to yourself can also help transform you into a sexy girly mood - and will work on your man's imagination, only to intensify his feelings of desire for you.  
  • Buy some new gorgeous, girly and SEXY UNDERWEAR - preferably something that's lacy, satiny and even made of silk. It's not even necessary for a girl to be in a relationship to wear such beautiful underwear, and just the idea of wearing it will put you in a wonderful feminine and seductive mood.
  • To look like a love goddess, let your hair grow!! Moreover, occasionally let your hair look like the hair of a sensual nymph, or a mermaid or a tantalizing forest fairy - with that wild, tousled and 'JUST-GOT-OUT-OF-BED HAIR.' That will be the direction your man's active imagination will be heading anyway! 
  • Go to bed AU-NATURALE. A girly girl going to bed with full makeup on her face is close to being absurd! During sleep and sex, the skin should rest. And, it's far more tantalizing for a man to look at a girl who looks fresh, vulnerable, girlish and 'defenseless' - with only a drop or two of transparent gloss on her lips (oh, and a light drop or two of beautiful perfume!) they are usually then later covered in cum.

A sexy sissy should be FEMININE (of course,) and uses her natural submissiveness, vulnerability and cuddliness to her advantage - but  still be rather complex, extravagant, spontaneous and saucy ;-)

Being a girl means sensuality and sex appeal is also in the way you sparkle, and even if maybe your not classically beautiful, feminine CONFIDENCE always underlines a girls sex appeal. Moreover be comfortable in your own skin - and like Marilyn Monroe, yoy may feel the most comfortable naked. 

A sexy girl seeks to give PLEASURE and loves to flirt! Moreover, your conversations with the men should sometimes peppered with the occasional allusion to sex, as well as frequent jokes - of the light and naughty kind.

A sexy girl knows that SHOES also transmit female  sensuality, and likes to wear attractive high-heeled shoes in bright colors - such as mules, pumps and sling-backs - with an open or closed narrow toe. As for the length of the heel, 3-4 inch heels are considered to be the most sexy looking. A sexy girl also knows that bare-footedness is sexy too, and knows how to kick her shoes off - just like Ava gardner!

Some pictures as promised to follow! I had not forgot my cute school girl photo shoot!

Speak very soon, lauren x


  1. You go, girl! Wonderful advice!

  2. Mmmm. Leaking whilst thinking about your sexy soft body naked in bed waiting for me.


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