8 Feb 2010

My Sassy Girly Girl Wardrobe

I am continuing to fall deeper and deeper in to my girly mode. Not a day goes by now without girly thoughts running through my mind. My desire to dress more and more like a girly girl just gets more intense. I now think more like a girl, shave all over like a girl, masturbate like a girl and i will eventually have sex just like a girl. I want to dress like a sassy sexy girly vixen for my man. Make him lust for me as i lay back and spread my smooth stocking clad legs for him.

I cant help but look at different shops and see all the amazing panties, lingerie and costumes that i want to wear. Here are some things I have my eye on and will eventually buy. As soon as i can afford them all I plan to wear them and model them on my blog. I have a particular fetish about being a schoolgirl!! Oh my xx

I Love the schoolgirl look, i want to shave extremely smooth, put my makeup on and parade in this very sexy costume. It fits my personality totally.

Wow, I want to wear this for my man. So totally feminine. (Dressed for sex!)

Cute and Girly just like me. I cannot wait to wear this against my smooth girly body.

I want to wear this to bed. Have my man peel of my thong and have his way with me.

These panties are to die for. I love the string arrangement on the back. So very girly.




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