18 Feb 2010

Sissy, Sassy and Submissive Sex as girl (only and forever!)

It has been almost three whole months since I last had an orgasm as a boy. Every Orgasm I know have is as close to the way a girl would cum as possible.

In truth this is the way i want it, to live as a girl, think like a girl, dress like a girl, move like a girl, shave like a girl, have only the prettiest panties and lingerie (the more girly the better), masturbate like a girl, have sex just like a girl and of course have orgasms just like a girl. 

I acheive this buy making sure i follow my own sassy sissy girly rules :

  1. Never EVER stroke my penis like a boy. I do not have a penis so this is no longer an option. I only have a clitoris. My penis is now and forever a beautiful clitoris.
  2. I now also have a very pretty smooth silky pink pussy. I love my pussy as it is my primary source of sexual relief.
  3. I can only climax while having a dildo, a vibrator, a realistic cock or indeed a real cock deep inside my quivering pussy.
  4. I may touch my clit but only with ONE finger at a time. I must not rub but caress with a slow circular motion. This may be done through panties or with them pulled around my thighs. If i want to climax through this method I must observe rule 3.
  5. I can only masturbate or cum whilst wearing very cute girly attire. At the very least very sassy and pretty panties and bra. 
  6. I must be wearing very cute girly girl perfume. I love Lacoste "a touch of pink". 
  7. I must pout and round my lips in to the shape of a letter "o" and only make the sound "ohhh!".
  8. I must fantisize about cocks as I recieve pleasure. I want that cock in my pussy to explode inside me. 
  9. At least three times a week I must come from penetration alone, preferably having dry multiple orgasms. Just as a girl would. Touching of my clit is forbidden on these sessions. I may however caress my nipples or any other part of my body.
  10. When I climax I must cry out and pant (or scream) just as a girl would climax.
  11. Of course I must consume any cum produced (this is important) from my (just used) dildo. This must be done slowly and lovingly as I worship the instument of my orgasm.
I observe every one of the above rules if I want any sexual releif. The results are amazing. I now start to lust over cock. The thought of having sex with women is now almost a distant memory. This conditioning has now lead me to acheive almost female orgasms by penetrative sex alone. It is my ultimate goal to only ever orgasm by having a cock moving in and out of me. Unable to cum unless driven there by thrusting cock and the desire to be filled with fresh cum. Hmmm Delicious.


The more submissive the sex position the better. I want to feel totally totally dominated by cock. Have no say in the way I am taken. I want to present my pussy in the most submissive way possible. Submit to his cock and feel my pussy lips quiver as I cum hard around his hard thrusting cock. As mentioned in one of my last posts, the feeling of his cum shooting inside me is one which i crave.
So Sissy, so sassy, so girly, my masculinity slips further and further away.

One of my favorite positions to recive cock is just simply delicious. It is in the doggy position. I must be standing up and bent over a table or resting face forward against a wall. I must arch my back raising my pussy high offering it to be entered. The most submissive twist is then having to spread my legs and raise them up on to the tips of my toes. I must ensure i keep my back firmly arched and i am on tiptoe the entire time a cock is moving in and out, in and out of my gagging pussy. I actually did this postiton last night and came hard on my thick realistic didlo. The force of the orgasm made me scream out in girly pleasure as my knees buckled and i colapsed off my toes! Wow, i can not wait to have to have sex with one of my thick dildos tonight. Hot girly orgasmic submissive sex all provided by my dildo collection. I am a luck girl. I soon hope to have the pleasure with a real man.

  I may try some of these positions tonight!! ;


I am getting wet thinking about it. Update soon x x x


  1. First off let me say this is sexy!! Do you own heels? Do you have a sex machine? In closing UR3 is an ahhhmazing product look it up!! Have fun baby!!

  2. I am wearing a pair of "little girl" knickers pink, butt plug in my pussy, white lace tights and a little school girl skirt I love how I look like a little school girl, I love my plug but like any good school girl I want a nice big hard cock in my pussy and my mouth full of cum

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