12 Mar 2010

Thoughts on Chastity, re-inforcing the Girlie girl

I have been so busy of late. So much work. Sitting at work I can feel my soft lacy pink girlie panties carressing my ultra smooth sassy sissy thighs. My thoughts turn to being the little minx that I am, slipping into some sexy silky, lacey underwear, I want to feel suspender straps taught down my legs and back of my thighs.. Paint my nails pretty pink, coat my lips with strawberry cherry (with a little sparkle!) lip gloss. A little spray of Lacoste "a touch of pink", some light make up. Ridiculous ultra feminine heels, with petite little ankle straps,, mmmmmmm... Just writing this makes me moist...

So how do I stop myself feeling so ultra girlie and horny all of the time. Constantly thinking about cock, and I what I want to do with one and how I will feel. Do I want to stop?? (I love it).

I have been seriously thinking about long term chastity. My penis is useless now anyway, it hasent been used to induce a climax in months now. My pussy does this very well, sissy girly orgasms. I may aswell reinforce the situation and totally remove it from the situation. It will also be very humiliating to know that even if I wanted to, my penis is completley out of reach. If i am horny I have to cum by playing with my pussy, nipples and only anything a real girl has to play with...  and I sooo want to be more girlie, submissive and girly, a feminine little sex minx,,, wow.

Can chastity reinforce my situation? Will I be more Feminine? Will it make me less of more Horny? More importantly will it help me be a better Sissy Sassy Girlie girl?  My chastity begins this Friday. Of course you can follow me as I take this extra road.



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