25 Mar 2010

Girlie Pantie Fetish (Panties I want)

I Love panties, they are just the ultimate word and feel of feminization. So girly. Delicious lacy sassy panties. They must be very pretty, have delicate features and scream girl! These are the only kind I want to wear. Now the instant I slide a pretty pair of panties up over my smooth legs and thighs my little clit trys to become hard within its new prison. My panties become moist just like a girl as I prepare a hard cock to enter me. My path towards craving men instead of women is becoming a reality.

Of late I also love to paint my nails in a very girly girl way. The image of panties with sexy feminine nails caressing them is one which almost puts me over the edge without cock!

I want to share some images with you. These are girls, frankly I just want to be like. I want everything about them, I am jeleous that they can get cock so easily. They look effortlessly girly and of course they have a real pussy (Its not fair!). I want to be just like them. Here though I am just focusing on their panties and in some cases their nails,, hmmmm x

White and delicious, I want to own both pairs.

I must buy a pair like this! Blue and pink would be very cute

So Super Sassy and girlie

Matching cute nails and princess panties with flowers. I love the delicate trim on the sides. I would die to be her!

Pink, skimpy, lacy and oooh so feminine

I want the entire outfit, white with red hearts. A definate fuck me now outfit. 

Sweet red cherrys with cherry nails. Just need the lip gloss to match!

Polka-dots and satin are combined with sultry black lace in this fresh thong pantie. Soft black stretch lace front has scalloped edges and a hot pink bow adorning the center.
More to follow....x


  1. Like OMG Lauren . I've met. So many bloggers that could be my twins lately. I so love you girls . I'm so disgusted with google plus these days, and other stuff going on in my life. I just want, need and desire to be my hotly girly self.

    Love the tattoo thingy as well as everything else.



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