7 May 2010

The perfect cute sissy sassy girl look (I strive for this look)

Wow, I stumbled upon these pictures and just wanted to be this girl, She is so girly, cute and ultra feminine. Cute little girly smile and fuck me now eyes. I strive to look and be like this.

I have a pair of panties just like this. All I need now is the heels, pantyhose and that fuck me now look.

Perfect girly girl look, white cotton panties, creamy white peachy bottom. Again those super girly eyes.

Dressed in a cute girly school uniform,, with mosit little pink panties, teasing all the boys.

Pink panties and knee high white socks. The perfect outfit for sex with my man. If only I really was her.

Need i say more. She has the girly girl look down to a T. This is exactly how I want to look. Cute, girly sexy. Ready for cock. Giving you a teasing look coaxing my man to become errect so he can slip his massive cock in my girly wanting pussy.


  1. Wow she's lovely xx

    May I also say how awesome your site is. You don't seem to get that many comments and yet this little site is one of the best sissy blogs I know.

    It's all such a turn on!! To be such I sissy sexy sassy girl!! I visit this site regularly.

    I've also started my own blog over at http://crossdreamer.blogspot.com/ - not exactly the same kind of thing but I've put a link to this site if that's okay.

  2. Wow Thanks for the comment! Always good to know people enjoy reading my blog. Have been very busy of late with work (groan) but always have time for my sissy adventures and plan to update this week! xx

  3. I find the sight of a citty in a thong so hot my clitty cuns.



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