7 May 2010

Very Sissy Girly Girl Socks

I haven't said much about SISSY SOCKS as part of my wardrobe accessories. Sissy socks make an enormous difference in your sissy appearance, just as thigh highs can make a difference in a sissy maid uniform. Socks can be coordinated with the type of shoe you are wearing.

For example, if you wear Mary Jane shoes with your outfit, anklet socks and Mary Janes go quite nicely together. Lace trimmed socks also go well with little girl dresses and adult baby outfits. So sweet! So Sassy, so Girly! You can get them with dainty pink ribbons, bows, and delicate flowers. Cute knee high socks are perfect to go with your girly school girl outfit.Of course you can keep your socks on for sex with your man. They will make you feel extra girly and sassy as you recieve cock in your ever so cute socks! They make your mouth water, don't they, sissies? Take a look at some of the very girly girl socks I have purchased to make me feel extra girly. Make sure you buy some soon, they are delicious. xx

Both of these heel sock combos are just so sexy. The bows and lace just make me feel so sassy.

Ever so cute white socks with very dainty girly girl heels. Perfect for a very sissy girl like me. I want them to be on my mans shoulders as I feel his cock move in and out of me. No doubt that I have submitted to everything Girl.



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