26 Jun 2010

Deeper and deeper into girly girl femininity

I haven't posted for a week or so now.

My sissy girly girl desires just seem to get more and more. I have spent the last week shaved baby smooth all over (as always!) with my extremely cute panties just teasing my blushed pink clitty. I bought a new pair of white cotton panties with little red hearts on them. They have a ever so cute little bow at the front and scream sissy sexy teen girly. When I put them on and wiggle them over my hips I can almost feel my face flush red and I begin to feel very horny. Here is a pic of them.....

Cute, and ever so fitting for a sissy girl like me. I just adore this white with red heart theme. This look is just so unmistakably girly girl and the flush of excitement of wearing very cute girls underwear is almost intoxicating. Cute and submissive, blushing in my super girly panties. I am going to buy this next set.

It has been almost 8 months now since I have cum like a man. Most of my thoughts revolve around how I can become even more girly. I have to be super smooth at all times otherwise it just does not feel right. This includes everywhere. The only two exceptions are the hair on my head and a cute girly pubic hair design above my very dainty pink clit. The ritual of shaving is one which i relish and brings me ever closer to being a girl. I keep my clit blushed pink and the same with my pussy. They are always covered with the most adorable cutest girly panties available unless they have been pulled down to recieve the ultimate in pleasure. I am a sissy after all and i have conditioned myself to enjoy cock often. Only as a girl should.

It has got to a point now when i think of sex, it is never as a man. Everytime i have cum in the last 8 months it has been with a cock inside me. In the beginning it was a combination of penetration and girl masturbation. If you have read any of my earlier posts you will know this means with one finger only and only at the very tip of my cute little girl clit. Now i mainly use penetration as my sole sexual relief. The only time i touch my clit is to wash it, and as a treat, circle the very tip of it with one finger to cum as a girl does but i must have a cock inside me if i want to climax. This has made me associate cock with sexual excitement. I love to dress up ready for sex. i must be baby, baby smooth,in light makup, love to put my hair in pigtails. Make sure i am  adorning the sexiest girliest panties and bra. My clit and pussy must be blushed pink and girly and i wear a touch of sweet perfume. I want to be taken in various sexy cute girl outfits. Taken to heaven whilst maybe wearing.............

Wow, i don't think i could ever have enougth pantie sets. I now love submitting to cock. I love submitting in the most girly way possible. I pleasure it with my tounge loveingly preparing it to enter me. I wiggle my hips as i feel my pussy yearn for it. The feeling as it first enters me is just amazing. Then i move it slowly in and out, in and out. I look down and see my girly smooth baby pink body grinding down on a thick veiny cock. This cock is making me feel consumed by lust. Each thrust drives me closer to climax. The feeling of cumming heavily whilst gripping a hard cock in your pussy is one of pure femininity. My pussy spasms around it, drawning it in and out faster untill one climax hits another and you are screaming out like a girl in pure lust and ecstasy. I guess i need a man!

i love being a girl and now despite my humiliation at saying this i love sex as a girl. It seems i now genuinly enjoy cock. Will this be the case forever now? Am i destined to only enjoy sexual relief through penetration? Time will tell but my desires continue to strengthen. My next plan is to have a more permenant marking. I want a few very cute girly girl tatoos in very obvious girly places, but that is for another post. Time for a soak and a fresh shave before my destiny with cock later x

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  1. That was very informative and arousing. Thanks for the info. You are the greatest sweetie.



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