1 Jun 2010

Sissy Girly Girls should embrace pinkification.

I am becoming an extremely feminine girl. As a girly girl my favorite color is definatly pink, but I also like other pretty colors like purple, baby blue, and pastels. As a girly girl,  I care alot about how I look and dress. I wear very feminine, cute, stylish, and sexy clothes like skirts, dresses, cute tops and stylish low-rise jeans. I like wearing high heels, I wear alot of pink; and do my hair up nice; wear alot of makeup; do my nails alot; love my jewelry; read fashion magazines; make myself as little like a guy as possible; definatly now into guys as more than just friends. Also as I am a girly girl I say "like", "totally", "Oh my gosh!", "Oh my God", and "whatever!" alot. Wow, I love being a girly girl! I think though, the best thing about being a girly girl is that you are expected to wear pink and thats fine with me.

I love all of my pink panties. Infact I don't think I could ever have enougth pink panties.

Pink, lacy, transparent, very girly girl sexy panties ready for some hot guy to peel off as he gets his cock rock hard for you. Of course you must complete the look with a matching bra.
I like to totally sourround myself in pink to reinforce my very girly girl status. I do not just wear alot of pink but have many pink items.
  • Pink shaving gel 
  • Pink Girls Razors
  • Pink Hair removal cream
  • Baby Pink Hair Dye
  • Pink Sparkly Blusher
  • Pink Sparkly Lip Gloss
  • Pink nail polish
  • Pink panties (of course!)
  • Pink High Heels
  • Pink Dildo
  • A Touch of pink by Lacoste
I like to run myself a hot bath and get my pink razors, pink shaving gel and pink hair removal cream ready. This is a regular ritual for me. Hair removal is non negotiable and constantly reminds me of my super sassy sissy status. I love to get out of the bath afterwards and feel that cool air against my now freshly shaven smooth sexy sassy body. I am such a sissy! Then I lotion all over, it must be pink lotion of course!. I need my skin to be as feminine as possible. Regular lotioning has made my largest organ (my skin) as girly as can be and I have to say,,, its delicious.

    I keep a very cute, pretty pink, pubic hair design that I just know boys are going to want to cum all over! I love having a gorgeous baby pink heart just above my clit. How girly and humiliating! I take some sissors and trim the length down so my ultra girly girl pubic hair design looks immaculate and pretty. Now I am totally smooth all over with just a super girly heart to look down at, to remind me of my position in life.

    Time to add some pink!! Lets complete the look. I get my pink sparkly blush and brush. Blush my clitty all over so it is pink, girly and sparkly. Then brush my bottom and all around my super smooth sexy pussy. I then have a pouting pink pussy all sparkly and ready for action, hmmmm. So girly, so sassy, imagine if everybody could see me now, smooth, pink and sparkly with a pouting baby smooth pink pussy! My pinkification is almost complete but not quite!

    I get my nail polish and paint my nails and toenails a gorgeous shade of pretty pink. If I want to be an extra girl girl I take my red nail polish and paint a cute little heart on each nail to match my beautiful pink heart above my extra pink and sparkly clitty!

    Last but not least I take my lip gloss and match my lips the same shade as my clit and ultra girly pussy. Step back and look at myself in the mirror. Wow, such a pink sassy girly girl, dressed, pink, sparkly, with hearts and ready for sex!

    Its now time to dress that sexy, sassy, sissy and ohh so girly body.

    I Get my pinkest girliest panties and slowly pull them up over my smooth girly thighs. Wiggle my hips as I pull them into position. Feel how amazing they feel as they caress my smooth bottom and pussy. They tickle my thighs at the hem and I just want to make them wet instantly!

    I attach my garter belt and pull my hold up stockings very slowly up my legs. Attatch the garter straps so they are taught and pull each time I walk. They are a constant reminder of my pantie wearing sissy sassy status.

    My life is panties! Panties, stockings, suspenders, gorgeous lingerie and pink, pink and more pink!!

    I Put on my pink very girly fuck me now high heels and lastly attach my bra. I look in the mirror look at what a cute, pretty, sexy sassy sissy I have become.

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