3 Nov 2010

Just a quick one!

Hey everyone!

I know i have been a little quiet of late. The usual cliche i'm afraid, work and plenty of it. Plus just been back to the uk for a few weeks. Wow, it was wet, cold, but good to see the family.

I have had my tattoo's done, both the playboy bunny and Hello Kitty. I love them already. Had to be careful the family didn't see them, so gald to be back in South Africa to show them off! Its approaching summer time here and bikini weather is fast becoming an everyday reality. Hmm, love the summer, bikini tan lines, skimpy shorts, summer girlie t-shirts, showing alot of skin. The hot weather makes you sooo horny and the beach is the perfect place to check out all the boys!

I am in talks with a few new dominant's at the moment and forming a few new relationships hopefully. I can't wait to submit and made to be so girlie, just a gorgeous young lady, trained to be submissive, sweet, cute polite with a naughty lustful side for cock.

I have a little free time coming up, so going to post long overdue pics of new tattoo's and finally publish some new articles and fantasies that have been running through my girlie mind of late.

Just to leave you with a fantastic image. I want to have this look, biting my tounge in lust while taking his cock deep. Just being his girl.

Speak very very soon,, lauren x



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