7 Nov 2010

My new very very cute tattoo's!

Hello! OMG! October was such a busy month! So i have finally got round to posting up some pics of my new tattoo's.

Again it was super humiliating having them done. i nearly bottled out on the way to the tattoo parlour. i know the guy at the tattoo parlour pretty well now! They were both done in one sitting, but i went back for a second sitting just to have the colours done again to make sure they were extra bold! i really wanted them to be bright and girly. Extra girlie girl bright colours. Wow, they look so cute!!!! They are a little higher then i originally imagined which means if i am wearing low rise jeans they are just visible. Of course the overall imagined effect was for them to be just poking out of my panty line.

They look amazing with extra cute panties and coupled with my lower back tattoo there is no mistaking i am a complete sissy sassy girlie girl. The thing is the more i have done to make me permenantly a girl, the more i want done! Next up is definatley a belly button piercing. Just got to pluck up the courage to have this done now. Its going to be so super naughty and humiliating having this piercing done when probably my tattoo's are going to be quite visible! I also bought a a very new cute set of bra and panties. You can see the panties in the pics. White, red stripes and blue bows. When worn with a bright girly t shirt around the house i feel just like a teenage princess!

 Super cute ehh??!

I love my tattoo's with very cute panties!

So i plan to take a few more revealing shots so you can see the whole of the tattoo's, but these shots really make me look extra girlie girl! Also planning a professional photo shoot so look out for that!

Speak Soon, lauren xx


  1. Super cute indeed, hon! I am so jealous. :)

  2. LOVE the hello Kitty.
    I'm getting one just like it but holding the trans symbol in her hand :)


  3. I don't know how you do it, but everytime I read your site, I crave something in my "pussy", even though I consider myself a lesbian, I want it so bad right after reading your site.

    And they are the most amazing orgasms ever when I let myself do it. Even thinking about it is making me horny.

  4. Woowwww!!! New-cummer to your site and didn't expect to find so much to enjoy.

    I love these pics. Tatts are sexy but I love the look of your whole body. You might not have cum like a boy for a while but I just have.

  5. sissy social brings out gurl in me i just love it i love to play with nipples only wear thongs am stretching my man pussy

  6. Are you living fulltime as a girlie girl? I'm enjoying what you write, you're amazing. For years I cross-dressed, but only privately. I had a mistress, she encouraged me and helped me find my femme self. My girlfriend allowed me to dress but only for a short time, I miss being femme. I'm now married, honestly I fantasize ALL the time about sucking cock, and getting it in my pussy- ass, I think I am in love with my old longtime best friend, I'll just call him 'G', I really miss being around him. We never had sex, but I always managed to get him nude when he would come to my house. Lauren I really miss seeing his thick cock, gotta go now, time to play with my sissy cock, think I need to try your way of doing it. Thanks for listening to my pathetic story...



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