23 Jan 2011

Cute Girly Girl Hairstyles, part 1!

Hi Everyone! Getting back to what I do best, being a girl! Not just any girl, but a cute girly, sassy girl who just cant help teasing the boys! This is the first part of a series as there are way to many hair styles to showcase in one post! Having very cute hair and make-up is an essential part of being a un-resistable girly girl and instantly changes your overall appearence to a more very sexy feminine one!

If you want a fun, flirty sassy look, there are many cute girl hair styles to choose from. Before you pick a style, however, it is important to consider what makes the hair very cute and whether or not it will look cute on you! Don't just follow the latest trends; be sure that the look is a good fit for your personal face shape, style, and girly sissy personality.

About Cute Styles 

There are hundreds of ideas for cute girl hair, and virtually any hair style has the potential to be very cute. Cute hair styles have a modern edge and are flexible enough to be worn on different occasions and still look fabulous n girly. Many girly styles styles are low maintenance as well, giving you the opportunity to have fun with your hair instead of spending hours arranging it.
Cute hair is also healthy hair. If your hair is dry, dull, and frizzy, it just can't look as fun and fantastic. Eat a diet for healthy hair, drink plenty of water, use a good conditioner, and keep your split ends trimmed to keep your style looking cute and fresh. As a girly girl you should always have immaculate hair!

Finding Your Cute girly girl Look 

What looks cute on one sissy girl may not be cute for another - the trick is to find the look that works best for you. When choosing a new cute girly style, consider:
  • Face Shape: Get a style that works to highlight your best sissy girl features.
  • Personality: Do you want a style with a bit of emo edge, one that is a bit sexy and naughty, or one that has an innocent flair? hehe :)
  • Maintenance: Consider the cost and time necessary to keep your hair looking great before you pick a style.
  • Hair Color: Choose a hair colour that is right for your skin tone and eye color. Cute Teen Hair Styles

Cute very Girly Hair Styles - Pigtails!

Pigtails are most frequently seen worn by young cute girls, but there is a current hairstyle trend which encourages much older naughty to wear them as well! A hairstyle consisting of two ponytails instead of one is fun, stylish, cute, and lets face it very sexy! One of the reasons that this hair style has been popular for so many years is that they are quick and easy to add to most hair. The simple task of putting them in consists of parting the hair down the middle of the head, gathering the hair together on each side, and securing it with two separate hair bands, bows, or some other hair accessory.

Several Different Styles

The most basic style makes the hair look symmetrical on each side. However, there are many things that can be done with the tails once they are secured.
  • Braids: To spruce up the bunches of hair, a braid can be put in each one. Sometimes, to get extra fancy, a ribbon can be intertwined within the braids. After adding the braids, they are often secured at the bottom with another hair band or a hair bow.Such a cute look! The boys will be drooling!
  • Buns: Hair that has been placed in tails can easily be transformed into hair buns. To do this, each one must be wrapped into a circle and fastened so that it stays tight on the head. Most girls use bobby pins or some type of stick to ensure that the buns stay in place.
  • High and Low: There is not a written rule on how high or low they should be worn on your head. Girls who have short usually wear them high on their heads to make their hair look longer but they can also be worn down low, near the neck. Girls who have very long hair have more positioning options. 
Dress Them up for more girly fun! 
Braided tails can be fun and flirty for Girls!.
The tails can easily be transformed from bunches of hair fastened with a band to a hair style that receives a lot of attention from both men and women!.
  • Go crazy and wear four bunches of hair instead of two, or wear two asymmetrically on the head.
  • Use a curling iron and make them look cute and bouncy! Give your man something to hold on to ;)
  • Add beads or jewelry to strands of hair within the tails, or fasten accessories to the hair band used to secure them.
  • Use hair extensions to make them look very long. This will surprise people who think the hair is short, and it will amaze people who don't know the hair's true length.
Cute Ponytails!

I just adore the the ponytail and why not? These days you can wear them to the gym then later that evening out on a date to a five-star restaurant. They look adorable and cute on short hair (little kid barrettes are fun, even when you're 25!) and sassy,sexy on long, layered hair. Here are my fave great ponytails that i usually go for!

The cute ponytail (as worn by Paris Hilton!)
This look is great for the weekend and works with all lengths of hair. I call this look "cute" because it relies on little kid barrettes or decorative bobby pins to hold back bangs or layers that don't fit in the ponytail.

This look is particularly cute on chin-length hair. The pig's tail curl is super cute! I have worn this look often!
The Dramatic Ponytail

A high, tight ponytail is swingy and totally very very sexy! It's also wearable at work or at night. If you have a high forehead  you have to be careful with high ponytails -- you don't want to look bald from the front! Your best bet are bangs (I absolutely love my hair in a ponytail now that I have thick bangs) or a sidepart and fastened lower on your head. Super sassy n sexy!

The Cheerleader ponytail!

A super-high ponytail will take years off your face, but if you have excessive widows' peaks at your crown or if you have a big forehead, this look can be unattractive! I usually can just abour carry this off! To see if you're a bad candidate, pull hair back and look in the mirror, if hairline starts high at the top of your head, this look can bring too much attention to your forehead! Otherwise go for it, it can be so sexy!

 TBC! - Tons more to follow plus some real sexy adventures! have been a real busy girl! I promise to post alot more photo's of myself soon as I have realised I really do not show myself off as much as I should! 

lauren x



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