7 Jan 2011

New Site (Sissy Social) very nearly ready!

Hello! I am very sorry about my lack of posts of late. I have been working very hard on the new website, any my oh my! What a massive project it has been so far!

It is essentially a Sissy Social portal/network and will be packed with naughty things, articles, information, reviews and guide to what is best of the sissy web. It will be a place to store your Sissy things and thoughts, meet like minded people and interact with them. Of course it will and always will be completely FREE to use.

It Features so far ...........
  • Custom Profiles with all the bells!
  • Instant Chat, auto Ajax (facebook style notifications). Share files, one to one video and voice chat. Send hand written messages and pictures, play 2 player online games, or just chat!
  • Custom multiple and unlimited Chat Rooms built to be ultra fast, packed with features and rock solid.
  • Instant linking from chat to profiles, user information, send files, muck around and have fun, maybe make some cool new friends or pick up a Mistress or master, hehe!
  • Unlimited profile photos, tagging, sharing.
  • MP3 profile store for voice messages and sharing music and audio files.
  • Video sharing and YouTube, video site hot linking.
  • Sissy social groups, for particular fetishes or kinks or whatever floats your boat.
  • Sissy Events - Holding a function or hosting a gathering, advertise it here for nothing!
  • Sissy Forums, discussions on everything sissy!
  • Articles, blogs, Custom user submission, write an article on the site and submit it! Its your site and your content. A true sissy community written by the community.
  • Pro Transsexual and lady boy Galleries, you can only aspire!
  • Full integration with other social networks (if you so wish!)
  • Tons more really, if you have more suggestions, let me know!
So I need admins!! I need content like yesterday! If you want your material on the site or to be a part of this email me, content, lauren@sissysocial.co.cc

I will be releasing the first Beta 1 of the site, within 7 days from the date of this post. The link will go up on my (this!) blog first. I really invite you to help me out and go visit when its live, and help kick start the community. It may take a while to really fly, but this is a long term project and i view it very much that way. Servers are in place for it and paid up for the next 5 years. More features will be added, I hope the whole site will evolve through user suggestion and content.

Speak real soon, love you all, looking forward to some serious girly time, lauren x


  1. Exciting news lauren....can't wait!!!!

  2. You're doing fine, Lauren and I'll pop over when your beat is done.
    Love sissygurlbelinda

  3. Hi there, contact me at www.itaboo.com and I can help promote it. Look me up. My member name is iTaboo

  4. i love your site so much keep up the good work

  5. I am so happy to see a site for those of us who love, and embrace our girlyness. Thank you.

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