10 Jul 2010

Very excited about getting my new Girly Girl Tattoo!

So the results of my poll are in!

Was very excited and very wet with humiliation at seeing my readers choose my new very girly permanent branding! I can not quite believe i am going to go through with this but i have now booked an appointment at a tattoo parlor in town for next week for a design consultation then having the tattoo done the same day! So excited, going to be very humiliated and wow, this means that anyone who gets a flash of this tattoo will know i am a very girly sissy girl!!

The results of my Girly tattoo poll were;

I first asked the question, "Which girly tattoo design should i have?".

Girly Girl outline - 15 votes (31%) -Its a tie!
Cute Red Heart  - 8 votes  (16%)
Pink and Girly    - 15 votes (31%) -Its a tie!
Girl Gender        - 8 votes   (16%)
Heart Outline      -0 votes   (0%)
Heart Gift           -0 votes   (0%)
Heart Balloon     -0 votes   (0%)
Cute Teddy        -2 votes   (4%)

So we have a tie between Girly Girl outline and Pink and Girly! Oh my! Both very cute, extremely Girly and very fitting for my new statement of girlhood. This must be sorted out!

I second asked the question "where should i have my new Girly tattoo?".

Lower back (small of back-tramp stamp)  - 20 votes (39%) - Winner!
Pubic area (just below pantie line)              -15 votes (29%)
On my Ankle                                            -4 votes   (7%)
On back, near my shoulder                        -7 votes  (13%)
On my Hip                                                -4 votes  (7%)
On my inner wrist                                      -1 vote    (1%)

So the result is conclusive! i am to have a very girly tattoo in an extremely feminine location - the small of my back aka Tramp Stamp or cum catcher! i thought this location would probably win and secretly wanted it to!
Every time i bend over i will flash my girly identity, when a man is taking me hard from behind he will have a pretty tattoo to look at, and then to pull out and cum all over, wow, delicious.

So the location is set, just need to finalize the design. So i am going to set up a new pole to run for a week to finally get this design finalized. You my amazing readers must decide this fate for me! To help you make up your mind and to get an idea of how this will look for real i have made some mock ups;

Girly outline tattoo;

Wow it does look so Girly, humiliating and perfect for a sissy girl like me! Secretly hoping this design wins!
Lets see how my future male lovers view will be like;

Girly Girl pink hearts with swirly pink tattoo;

And again how it will look to a future lover;

Wow, this design also looks very very girly! Perfect. The next photo's i post of tattoos will be my tattoo for real and it will be one of these as a tramp stamp/ cum catcher! How sassy, sissy and super girl, my journey towards full time cute girl will be some what nearer and very permanent!

I'm sooo wet, i am off for a date with my largest dildo. I need to be impaled on cock immediately!

lauren xx    p.s. PLEASE VOTE!


  1. The pink hearts wins it

    I think its by far the better choice.. you will regret the other one because it's certainly not something a 'real' girl would go for. While the pink hearts are very sissy girly that only the girliest of girls would go for.

    Looking forward to your next update XX

  2. I love the girly outline, I would love cumming all over that.

  3. I'm such an analslut,
    I'm thinking of having a tatoo on the small of the back too. What I have in mind are "Ball Me", "Ram Me", "For Big Cocks", "Fuck Me Hard", "Big Cocks Only" or "Cum inside".
    The problem is, I can't make up my mind which one to get. ~HornyAss

  4. OMG!! I want that cock just hammering my boipussy



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