21 Aug 2010

A few more pics of me!

Well its been a very strange week again! Been talking to sum very cute boys, interesting things in progress! Nearly hooked up with a Master. It didnt work out mainly on my part. Just had so many work commitments recently, feel so very tired. I really want to be a very submissive girly girl for the right person but my timing always seems way off! It will happen though.

My femininity just grows daily, i feel so cute and girly, my skin is getting so so soft, creamy and deliciously smooth. My wardrobe seems to be getting naughtier and my sexual preference seems to swing very much both ways. i am heading to be a very naughty girl indeed. hehe.

Thought i would snap just a few more pics to cheer myself up. Have been writing alot about my feelings, kinks and very naughty girly thoughts latley, Going to be posted alot in the next few days! Some pics....

 Love my pink panties with little ruffles, they also have little cute hearts on them!

Been working on my legs alot, trying to make them very slender and girly

i soo want my legs to be extra creamy girly and scream open me!

So will be posting again very soon! lauren xx


  1. Sorry the training didn't work out for you
    Regards sissygurl belinda

  2. How did you get such a feminine figure, and how do you maintain it.

  3. I'd love to fuck you and suck you

    1. I will wear panties for you while you fuck me, I hope your cock is big I want to get fucked realllllllllly hard

  4. I'd love to fuck you and suck you

  5. I want to fuck you and suck your cock while you wear panties 4 me



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