12 Aug 2010

A few Pics of Sassy Sissy Girlie Girl lauren

omg, its been such a weird week. i have never felt more feminine, talked to lots of awesome new people and alot of men! Anyway, feels tons better and looking forward to a really girlie weekend of shopping, flashing my tat, and generaly being a very naughty girl ;)

i do not usually post many pics of me on my blog. I work hard to try and stay in shape and maintain a feminine girly figure. It requires a little gym work and a healthy girlie lifestyle! Anyway thought i would change that and put up a few photo's. i sooooo want another tattoo now! i really want one on my pubic bone, just poking out of the top of my pantie line. i think it will look super cute and be in a very personal place. i am thinking of the playboy Bunnie. a little cheeky and maybe a bit slutty. Can i go through with it again! Not sure yet.

Anyway a few pics ,,,,

Wish there was a little playboy bunny poking out of my panties, that would be so super cute!

Love my boy cut lace panties, they are so sassy. It's so much fun trying out different panties and seeing how they look in the mirror with my tat. Really will have to try out the whale tale look. Cute girls jeans, gorgeous delicate thong, and short cut top to show off the mid drift and of course the tattoo! It's only a matter of time now, i think before i have a very cute belly button piercing, hmmmm that will be delicious.

Keep you posted, lauren x


  1. Absolutely beautiful, hon! If I could only look half as feminine (or have half your nerve) I'd count myself a lucky sissy indeed.

  2. Tat's looking mighty fine Lauren


  3. oh wow lookin hot! Can't wait to see you with that whale tail look.. sooooo sexy.. we will need pics - and yes get that belly button pierced asap!

  4. My jaw literally dropped when I saw your pictures, you truly are beyond sexy.

  5. Would just like to thank everyone for there very kind comments! i am very flattered indeed.



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