26 Aug 2010

More Girly Girl Markings and Piercings!

I have been a little distracted of late. Was and i guess still am searching for a Mistress or Master. There are a few things on the cards, but as always nothing 4 sure! The main problem is the issues of real life, otherwise know as my career! Hard some real hard hitting deadlines of late which although never stops me being my true self (a very feminine little girly girl, sweet and looking to please ;) ) leaves little time to devote my time to pleasing someone else. This must change.

Soon i have a few weeks off, so back to what i do best, being a sassy girly girl of course! The search for my true Mistress/Master continues but my on going transformation never stops. i seem to be thinking more and more like a girl, having emotions like a girl, i need to feel very pretty like a girl and more and more my sexual appetite as a female continues forward. Been having alot of cyber sex with men which seriously turns me on. Sometimes i am so kinky it even surprises me and i am by no means shy! :)

So what next? hehe. OK time to get seriously sissy, girly and kinky. For starters i need another tattoo. I have a few in mind but this one is definitely going on my pubic bone just peeking out of my pantie line. A special treat for one of my lovers as he peels off my panties. It must scream, girly girl and my fondness for a very feminine sexual encounter.

My choices are between two, the Playboy Bunny or Hello Kitty!

The Panties, Playboy Bunny and belly button piercing are sooo girly! A must 4 me!

It Just screams sexy girl, huh?? Delicious.

Then of course there is the very cute and extremely girly Hello Kitty. Cute and adorable just like me, hehe! Have browsed a few designs on some real girls and i think the look would also fit me perfectly.

OMG, this is just too cute, dare i really?!!

Again super cute n girly! I absolutely love it!

I am definitely going to get one or the other, its just a matter of deciding, maybe you guys can help me a little. Then of course, something a little less permanent but equally, undoubtedly feminine, girly and sexy is a belly button piercing.....

 I have wanted one for ages. So many cute designs, hmmm, here a few i think will definitely be on my shopping list!!

So, i can hardly wait! Going to be even more super, cute, sassy, sexy, sissy and all girly girl. Of course some more pics will follow. Have to finish the second half of "10 things" also, hehe, so much to do, such a busy, naughty girl! Keep ya posted ;)

lauren xx



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