31 Jul 2010

Penetration results and my new exclusive feminine sexual role.

Wow, been feeling so extra girly girl, super cute and horny this week. I have spent a fortune on new delicate pretty panties,lingerie, general outfits and now some super totaly girly exciting euipment to have some sluttish fun with. My little hands actualy trembled in pure girly girl sexual excitment when ordering this, i could hardly type my credit card number. This purchase is a direct result of my upcoming situation of only cumming through penetration for a starting period of 6 months. Had to have a few aids to experience things more and more like a girly girly begging for more cock.

Poll Results: 
i asked the question - Should i embrace chasity for 6 months and only cum from penetration?

Yes - definatly! - 86 votes(86%)                               - Clear Winner!
No - you will find it impossible! - 5 votes(5%)

My new poll is has indicating (very sweet of all of you to vote, blush) that i am to spend 6 months in chasity starting this Monday. With only my dildo collection or any type of cock object to have any relief. So i thought i would invest in some very naughty aids for this. What with my new very girly tatto (which has me super wet everytime i get a flash of it), upcoming chasity, sex toy purchases and some new gorgeous girly girl feminine attire, i am just slipping more and more into being a girly girl.......

So any way - purchase one; (very extravagant, but wow!)

The Power Box Fucking Machine
 This machine is going to me drive wild with lust for cock. imagine the possabilities and postitons and situations i can now expereince just like a girly girl on heat.

A few outfits I have bought latley, been an expensive month but, so totaly worth it!

 I can not wait to model in these outfits, especially with my new tattoo,, pics soon and update soon,, lauren xx

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