22 Jul 2010

Girl Tattoo appointment booked!

I have been so super horny thinking about having my new tattoo. When i slipped on my very dainty light pink french knickers this morning i could not help think what my new pink heat design will look like. Forever branded as a girly girl, i honestly can not wait. Thanks for voting everybody, you have helped shape my girly future with a very permenent statement of my commitment to becoming a better sissy girly girl.

So the final result was:

Sissy Girl Lauren (girl outline) - 25 votes (39%)

Very girl Pink hearts (oh my)   - 38 votes (60%)   WINNER!

So I love it!! It is so perfect. This design will be put in the very feminine location of my lower back. I have been a little distracted of late with some family issues but now have a firm appointment with a tattoo parlour in town set for this Tuesday. I hope to publish the pictures of my new tattoo the same day! I am looking forward to seeing how it looks and matches with all my very girly and pretty lingerie sets. How it will look when i bend over in my very high heels with my new pink twirls dissaperaing into my panty line.

Will post very soon, bur for now i need to have a fresh shave, put on some oh so very pretty lingerie just like a proper girly girl and give some cock some very lustful attention. lauren x.

1 comment:

  1. Congrats, Lauren! I am tickled pink for you - that was the one I voted for. Can't wait to see the final result. Hugs and squeezes! :)



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