31 Jul 2010

OMG, preview of my new very girly tattoo. Marked as a Girl forever!

I have been feeling so sweet and girly this week. I have bottled out of having my new very girly tattoo twice already, but finaly plucked up the courage to get it done on Wednesday.

I so wanted to get this tattoo. Latley i have just become more and more of a girly girly. Sunk so deep into being a sissy girl, into pure femininity, i love it. i so badly want to be a girl. I now pretty much expereince everything as a girl and wanted to a pretty marking to just prove to myself that i want to go further.

I got up Wednesday morning and had a fresh shave, so i was extra sissy girly smooth for my appointment. I choose some very pretty panties and matching bra, both light pink with blue lace trim. The feel as usual against my extra smooth skin was simply a melting feeling. I wanted to just get my dildo collection out there and then and ride some delicious hard cock, but i needed to put on some very light makeup and be on my way.

The guy at the parlour was pretty cool, sure i got some weird looks and a few smirks but we worked on my final design and i was so wet whilst doing it. I was really impressed with his ideas and the result is just deliciously girly. It took just over 2 hours to ink and the entire time i had major butterflies and felt completly horny. Can not believe i went through with it. My new girly heart tattoo is going to look so super cute with all of my very girl lingerie. I have taken a few photos for you to see. I plan to take alot more pics of my tattoo in different super cute, super hot, super girl outfits in some very feminine poses. i can not wait ;) . I so love being a girly girl,, lauren xx


  1. What a cute Sissy-butt you have!

  2. definately give your master something to aim at when he cums ;)



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